Whoops, this was in my drafts folder – it was dated 20120216.   Almost a year later, here is my journal about last year’s ski trip:

This year, Angel & Ian planned a Snowshoe trip for Thursday, Feb 2nd through Monday, Feb 6th.    Feb 6th was a free day included in the lodging so we decided to take advantage of it and stay the extra day.  Since my car is limping along on its last leg, I rode down with Angel & Ian.  We listened to some podcasts that became the jokes of the weekend.  I think it was called SuperEgo.  One skit was Zod meeting with his legal counsel.  Another skit was Family Feud.  They were pretty funny, and they provided plenty of fodder for inside jokes.

We were staying at the Summit again.  It was the same unit we stayed in last year.  We all arrived on Thursday evening, and it was pretty chill.

Friday morning, I woke up around 8am or so.  When I heard other people were up, I went out.  Greg had only had 4 hours of sleep the night before, so he had crashed out early and decided to continue sleeping in bed.  Ian made a rice egg breakfast that was so delicious!  Thanks for the breakfast, Ian!

We went to the slopes around 11am.  Yeah, we took our time eating breakfast and getting ready.  Of course, the Summit stairs were annoying, but what can you do.  Summit is pretty close and I think it’s cheaper, and the stairs-of-death are just a price to pay.

Angel, Ian, Peter, Quinn, Ken, and I did a few runs on the greens around Powder Monkey and Powder Ridge and then made our way over to the Ballhooter area.  Eventually, we moved all the way over to the Widowmaker area.  I didn’t do the Widowmaker, but I hear it wasn’t that bad, and there weren’t any moguls.

Lauren made lasagna for everyone for dinner on Friday.  It was yummy!  After dinner, we went nightskiing at Silvercreek.  Only Quinn stayed behind because he wasn’t feeling 100%.

Friday night, I drank the wine I brought.  Lauren kept saying that the sign with the skier on it looked like the skier was taking a dump.  We had some fun with a slim jim.  Good times.  We all had fun, and then finally went to bed.

Around 7:30am, I heard a commotion in the hallway of the unit.  I heard Lauren say “They’re knocking on peoples’ doors and telling them to get out of the building.”  I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I got up.  Apparently, the building was on fire.  We all quickly gathered a few things and evacuated.  When I got outside, I realized my wallet was inside, so I quickly ran back in and grabbed my ski pants that contained my wallet.  Ian was rescuing his and Angel’s snowboards, so I also grabbed my skis, poles, and boots.  Someone (I can’t remember if it was Peter or Ian) just zipped up their suitcase and had everything they needed.  My stuff was all over.  When I was standing outside, I realized the camera was still inside on the dining room table.  We heard the people in the units next to ours say that the sprinkler system had gone off in their unit, so all their stuff was wet.  So then I got worried that the sprinklers were going to go off in ours, soak the camera, and I was going to be responsible for the death of yet another camera.  Luckily, though, our unit was perfectly fine.

Greg had a little teensy problem.  His shoes were locked up in a locker up by the main slopes.  He tried to wear Ian’s snowboard boots, but they wouldn’t fit, so he decided to hang out in Angel’s car “to sleep off the hangover.”  Well, poor Greg’s hangover was exacerbated by the cold and not having shoes, and he ended up really miserable.

Lauren & Matt stayed behind while the rest of us decided to get some breakfast.  Lauren was worried that they’d let people back in and she didn’t want to miss that.  Well, it was lucky they stayed behind because they were able to get us the upgrade, and the resort also provided them a free breakfast.  D’oh.  The rest of us went to The Junction, which was serving a breakfast buffet.  I was still in my pajama pants, but I did have my ski pants with me, so I snuck off to the bathroom to change because it was weird being in pseudo-public in my pajama pants.  So I was glad that I had left my wallet in the ski pants instead of my jacket, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have had them with me.  Speaking of my jacket, the zipper broke and so I couldn’t take it off.  I thought I was going to have to get a new one, and it would have been the end of an era (I’ve had that green Miller’s jacket since 2002. )  However, it magically fixed itself after breakfast.  Just one of those things, I guess.

The rest of Saturday morning was spent trying to get everyone situated and moved into the new unit that Lauren procured in Alleghany Springs.   Greg sent a text requesting help and to please get his shoes back.  Lauren had an issue where she didn’t have her keys.  She thought they were at Summit, but when we were able to get into Summit to get our stuff, the keys weren’t there, so she realized they must have been in her purse, which was now at Alleghany Springs.  So she didn’t have the key for the locker.  We had a plan where Angel & I were going to get Greg and bring him back to Alleghany Springs, while Lauren and Matt were going to go to attempt to get Greg’s shoes from the locker, and go shopping at the convenient store.   When we got to Summit, we saw Greg lurch inside the unit, so Angel & I waited around outside for him.  Then Peter arrived, and we decided to go get the stuff.  Angel tried to send me on a mission to bring the Helement around, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get the emergency parking brake off.  I was like, “You push the button and push the lever down.  It shouldn’t be that hard!”  I tried many different ways to push the button, but nothing worked so I finally admitted defeat.  Angel had no problem, but she did mention it was on there pretty tight.  Apparently, the OK was given for people to enter the units again, so we gathered everything up.  Ken brought his rented pick-up truck and we loaded the stuff and the food in both cars.  We weren’t sure about Lauren & Matt’s stuff, but then they showed up and were able to gather their own things.

[ETA: Greg reminded me I forgot an important memory] At some point, Quinn pointed out a spot of what looked like soot on the couch. He said it looked like maybe a firefighter had sat down or something and left a butt-print of soot. When the owner of the unit came in to inspect it, Quinn pointed it out. The owner touched it with his fingers… then he taste-tested it… After the owner left, we were talking about that soot, and Greg said, “oh, that wasn’t soot.” When we asked Greg to clarify, he said he had his electric shaver, and it spilled on the couch and all the hair shavings had spilled out……. So then the joke became that the owner had taste-tested Greg’s pube shavings. Poor owner! [/ETA]

We got back to Alleghany Springs, and everyone moved in.  Well, by moved in, we mean all the suitcases were just dropped in the middle of the floor.  Greg picked a bed and slept peacefully for the rest of the afternoon.  Angel also took a nap at some point, after she put the groceries away.  It was just starting to drizzle when we were finally settled.  Peter & Ian wanted to do the Western Territories, and I wanted to go out skiing, but didn’t want to go to the Western Territories.  Nobody else had any interest in going out, so I decided it was high-time I should go out alone.  I’ve been skiing since the third grade, and have never once been skiing alone.  Well, first time for everything, I went out all by myself.  I only got 3 runs.  The rain was getting worse, and it was getting foggy, so I decided I was done.  I am so glad I went though.  I stuck around the Ballhooter area.  I think I did Skipjack first, then GandyDancer, and then I ended on Hootenanny and MidFlume and lower Ballhooter.

The new place had a heated pool and a hot tub.  Ian had bought some swimming trunks, but then he found out they left the security tag on them.  Angel, Lauren and Matt enjoyed the hot tub on Saturday night.  I think the rest of us just sat around watching whatever movies were showing on TV.  There was some sort of Angelina Jolie marathon going on.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith was on, and someone said Tombraider had been on previously.  Inglourious Basterds also came on later.

Saturday’s dinner was jambalaya, as created by Ian.  It was so delicious!  Thanks, Ian!!

On Sunday, we got out to the slopes earlier than we did on Friday.  We did the greens by the PowerMonkey, and then Carolyn did 2 more runs over there while Angel, Peter, and Ian went to the Western Territories.  Apparently, Carolyn made them wait 10 or 15 minutes.  D’oh!  Then we got on the shuttle to Silvercreek.  Carolyn had never done Silvercreek in the daytime before.  She’s only been there for nightskiing.  It was nice because it was less crowded, and the conditions weren’t bad.

Lauren & Matt decided they wanted to stay the extra day, but unfortunately, Greg couldn’t.  So they figured out a plan where Greg drove Lauren’s car home and left it in her garage and Lauren & Matt rode home with Peter.  So everyone was happy.

Sunday evening, we decided to go out to dinner.  It was a challenge finding a place that was not showing the superbowl, but we settled on Foxfire Grille.  They were showing the superbowl, but it was all the way on the other side of the restaurant, so it wasn’t a big deal.  We had fun with the “singles meeting” napkins that had spaces to write your name and number and email address to potential pick-ups. After dinner, the rest of Sunday evening was pretty chill.

We had some excitement on Monday morning because it was discovered that sometime in the night, Lauren & Matt closed our bedroom door to the suite, but it can’t be opened from inside, so we were locked in the bedroom.  We can leave the room, but only to the hallway, and none of us had a key to enter the main suite.  Eventually, we got that figured out.  We were checked out by 9am and on the road by 11am.