I have a bad habit of pointing out when I notice a  left-hander.  If I notice someone (waiters/cashiers/etc.) is left-handed, I usually point out that I’m left-handed, too.  I’ll point it out when we are watching TV or movies.  I have noticed that it seems like cartoons portray left-handers a lot.  But, it’s been really starting to annoy Clint.  He rolls his eyes whenever I point it out.  He likes to say, “Left-handers have a shorter life-expectancy.”  The first time he said it, I got all defensive and blurted out, “YOU’RE gonna die!”  So, that’s my response now whenever he says that. 🙂

So, anyway, I like being left-handed, and I like noticing when other people are left-handed, too.

Random trivia:  Clint married a left-hander, his dad married a left-hander, and his sister married a left-hander… So his family must like left-handers!