I was reading the Crazy Things Parents Say website, and I thought to myself how my parents never seem to say anything funny like on that website… then a memory popped into my head….

I guess I was like… maybe 11 or 12 or 10… I’m not sure… But, my cousin, Louise, was around 8 years old at the time.  We were on our family beach trip to Bethany Beach, and we had just come back from the waterslides.  Dad had us kids waiting in the car while he stopped at a convenience store.  It was me, my sister, my brother, and our cousins Adam, Louise, and Jordan.   To pass the time while we waited, we were conversing and goofing around, and the subject of “Maxi-pads” came up.  I forget what was said, but we were laughing, and then poor Louise had to ask,  “What’s a maxi-pad?”  I think it was Adam who told poor unsuspecting Louise to ask Uncle Lowell.  The second Dad got back to the car, Louise ambushed him.  “Uncle Lowell, what’s a maxi-pad?”  Dad didn’t miss a beat.  He explained to Louise that a maxi-pad was the pad you rode down on at the waterslides.  And he said “And those little ones for kids are called mini-pads!”  The rest of us were cracking up, but we didn’t correct him. 

I checked with Louise a few days later, and she said she got the scoop from her mom.  Hahaha.  Poor Louise!