Clint got poison ivy several weeks ago, and he researched on the internet and found out about this product called Tecnu. It was used to remove radioactive particles from skin or something like that, but the inventor’s wife discovered that it also removes the urushiol oil from skin.  So Clint’s been using it and it’s been keeping his poison ivy at bay.

On Sunday, the day after Clint murdered all the tree limbs with the pole saw, I was collecting all the branches and limbs and throwing them out back. That was when I discovered myself in my yard right smack in the middle of poison ivy. I was wearing short sleeves, and Clint sent me inside to use the Technu. I rubbed a quarter-sized amount onto each arm, and then put on a long-sleeve shirt, went right back outside and dived back into the poison ivy patch. I started out with latex gloves, but those didn’t last long before they were taken out by thorns, so then I was just using my bare hands. And I kept wiping my brow and then being like, “oh crap, I’m going to get poison ivy on my face!’. Except… it’s 2 days later, and I have no sign of poison ivy. I am itching because of mosquito bites, but there is no poison ivy that I can tell. I am amazed! Go Tecnu! I mean, I specifically picked up a twig of known poison ivy with my bare hand, and yet… any itching on my hands is very minimal.  Any little spots that are itching are mosquito and bug bites, not poison ivy.