After over a year of not knowing what to do with my hair, I finally decided to dye it with henna. I blogged about my decision here.

blonde hair with 4" gray roots

I had blonde hair with 4" gray roots

Around 7 or 8pm the night before, I boiled 2 mugs of water in the microwave.  I put 3 teabags of chai tea in one, and 2 teabags of chamomile in the other.  I was using the rest of the chai, & wasn’t sure if one mug would be enough water, so I brewed the chamomile to have on hand just in case.  The chamomile was years old.

I bought 500g of celebration, but when I found each 100g were separate packs, I decided to freeze one pk of powder & whatever paste I had leftover.  My hair was to my bra strap in the back so I figured 300g would be enough but would rather have too much than too little.

8:15 jumped out of bed like xmas morning

By 8:55, the henna was mixed.  I didn’t have enough tea brewed, but I didn’t have any more chamomile, so I used pomegranate blueberry.  I also brewed more pomergranate blueberry tea so it’d be ready to mix in after the dye release, but I didn’t end up needing it.  It was cold in my house, so I turned up the heat, & put the bag in the bathroom & closed the door.

Around 10:55, I checked but no dye release yet.   I realized the bathroom was still pretty cold, so I took it to my computer & turned on my monitor & put it on top.  After piddling around on my computer for a bit, I noticed the monitor wasn’t getting that warm, so I put the bag against my body under my shirt.   By noon, the dye was released and I started putting it into my hair.  I was done by 1:00pm.   I put the rest of the paste in the freezer, and relaxed in bed under the electric blanket & 4 other blankets.

When I sat in the bathtub to rinse it out, the water looked like I had had a massive case of diarreah!  It was hilarious.  I rinsed the henna out, and used cheap VO5 conditioner.

The end result is a bright orangy red.  It’s definitely more orange than I wanted, but it is a deep red-orange, so I can live with it.  But, I have never been good at dying my hair myself, and I missed a lot of spots on my scalp, and my roots didn’t seem to take it up as much, so they seem somewhat yellow.  I’ll probably do it again soon so I can get what I missed, and also add more applications to get to a deeper red instead of so orange.  It’s mostly blended between the gray roots and the bleached blonde, so that’s awesome.


After 1st henna

After the first henna application

All in all, I’m really happy with it!

After 1st henna application


UPDATE: Here’s a picture of me in the sun.

Vicky & Carolyn at Pizza MaGills

Vicky & Carolyn at Pizza MaGills for National Sibling's Day