Welp, the New Year approaches..

The hugest thing that happened in 2010 was Dirk’s death.  That was a terrible blow back in February…

X-day this year was epically fun, as usual.  It marks the last X-day at Brushwood though.  Next year will be at Wisteria in Ohio.  The change doesn’t bother me as much as other people.  Maybe because we’ve only been 3 times so we aren’t invested in the place as much as the feel.  Breaking a 15-year tradition is tough stuff for veterans, but I think it’ll be a good change in the long run.  From what I gather, there were some real nasty behind-the-scenes drama and politics, so I’m sure a change of pace will be refreshing for those involved in that.  We’ll see how the new place fares when July comes..

We didn’t go to Assateague or Bethany this year.  We’re a bit “Ass-fatigued” out after going for 5 years straight.  My family decided to go to Cape Cod instead of Bethany.  I am thankful to my uncle for allowing me to get to live the “rich life” for a week.  Cape Cod was awesome!

We only got to go to Elizabeth Furnace twice.  I would have liked to go there more often, but things are hard to plan.   Maybe this coming summer we’ll be able to make more time for Elizabeth Furnace camping.  The rolling/backpack cat carriers are very helpful.  Though the first trip, I threatened to myself not to bring the cats next time because it’s a pain in the ass to keep track of them when the sun goes down.  And that is when they stop cowering in the tents and come out to play.   But I brought them the second time anyway.  The second time, Erin had a glowstick that we were able to attach to Oranjello’s collar.  The glow-stick made me realize Oranjello had escaped his leash, but I suspect it was because the glowstick was attached to the leash that enabled Oranjello to escape, so next time I’m going to find a better way to attach it.

We went to a camping rave that turned out to be pretty fun, even though I forgot to bring any sort of alcohol and they wouldn’t let us leave to get some.  I won’t make that mistake again.

I passed the CBF exam, so I am now a Credit Business Fellow.

Clint’s car had a rough year after it was totalled when I hit that deer last December.  He had a broken tie rod, and several other problems.   But now his parents gave him one of their old cars for Christmas!  Yay Parents!  Yay three cars!

I only got to go skiing for 1 day at Roundtop.  I’m going to Snowshoe in 2011, though, so I’m looking forward to that!  More breaking in of my new skis that I got in 2009.

There were two weddings:  Vicky & Ryan’s and Gigglepuss & 808’s!

I got to go to New York City for the first time for the SubGenius Devival.  It was awesome!

As always, there were plenty of parties and concerts.  I don’t feel like breaking them all out.  They were all fun. 🙂

Well, anyway, last year was awesome overall.   I’m looking forward to 2011.   Time still flies!!!

The Chili Cookoff last night was awesome.  There were many different chilis, and they were all delicious.  I especially liked Eli’s venison chili with mushrooms, and Jason’s tomatilla chili.  Parthena made a delicious Veg-ocalypse chili that had like 4 different types of beans, including chick peas.

I lost my voice shortly after midnight.  That’s what I get for screaming “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” over and over the top of my lungs.   Good times.  I did successfully pace myself so I didn’t get inebriated and I did not have a hangover.  Way to start the New Year out right!