Hope and Change. That was the foundation of Obama’s campaign. In the midst of everyone feeling like not much change has happened yet, and hope is fast fading, here comes the TSA regulation requiring body scanning, and if one opts out, they are treated to mandatory invasive pat-downs.

When one goes to a rock concert, security does a slight pat-down, but nothing invasive. When one goes to prison is when one would expect to have to submit to a strip-search. Why are normal everyday people (Americans, and non-Americans alike) being treated as criminals? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Terrorism is a risk, but these measures to prevent terrorist acts do not fit the crime. Even if one is not an American citizen, they should not be treated like an animal. A “ticking terrorist bomb waiting to go off.” The majority of people are not evil. There are a few bad apples out there, no matter what race or religion one is, but it does not represent the entire human race as a whole. We should not be acting as if everyone is under suspicion. America is about freedom. The land of the free. We do not wish to be subjected to this tyranny and suspicion. We want to be protected, but we do not want to give up our freedom to do so.

There is always a risk that a bad apple will come out from behind that dumpster in the dark alley and jump you. The solution to that is to have a self-defense weapon on-hand. At the very least, some mace or pepper-spray. And to travel in groups. A better solution to the problem with traveling by airline is to have extra security guards and air marshals to watch for suspicious behavior, not suspicious people. And certainly not EVERYONE, suspicious or not.