Back in college, Clint & I got into reading comic books, specifically X-Men-related comics.

It all started because we got into the X-Men from the 1990’s cartoon on Fox.  So after that ended, we started reading the comic books.   Our roommate (and future brother-in-law!), Ryan, had a bunch of comic books that he let us borrow.

Well, we started noticing a pattern with one particular series, X-Factor.


We started noticing stuff like THIS.

The art work was very dramatic, and whenever someone was yelling something, they’d ALWAYS have a line of spit connecting the teeth or roof of the mouth to the tongue.


Dramatic lines-of-spit!

But we noticed it happened a LOT!

I started calling that line of spit an “X-Factor”. And I call the act “X-Factoring”



We can expect it with Wolfbane, since she was a wolf and all…


Wolfbane had it a lot... cuz she's a slobbery wolf.

And we did see it happen a lot with Wolfbane..


Wolfbane wants to drool all over you.

Cuz you know… dogs slobber a lot.


Look, in the upper-left corner, she's even talking about X-factoring while she's x-factoring!

But happened to other people, too.


X-factoring... Not just for wolves...

Sometimes, it was REALLY dramatic!


I'm X-factoring so hard, I'm crying about it!

Other times, not so much drama..


Not as dramatic, but still an X-factor!

Basically, it boils down to if you are a mutant and you are fighting, you are X-factoring!

So, if you ever hear me say “He X-factored!”, that means he had a line of spit in his mouth. Loogies and spit disgust me, so this is my way to add humor to the situation so it’s not so gross.