RE: Duck rape…. We had pet ducks when we were kids. The males would attempt to have sex with the females by biting the back of her head and trying to mount her. They were rarely successful but they would keep trying even though they were missing. The female ducks were all missing feathers on the backs of their heads. I’ve also seen more duck semen than I care to have seen.

We also had a male duck that was a different, smaller breed than the others. The male ducks of the other species kept trying to rape poor Comet. Comet ended up pretty weak and sick. Probably from the stress of constantly being attemptedly raped. We had to give him medicine. You think giving a dog or cat medicine is hell. Try giving it to a duck. You have to be careful not to get it into this hole at the back of its throat, because that is the air hole. Comet wouldn’t stay still at all. So one or two of us siblings would hold the duck down as best we could, while the other sibling would aim the dropper into the duck’s mouth and squeeze, all the while praying that the medicine didn’t go down the air hole.

Ahh, but I liked having ducks. Those were some good times…. It was fun walking through town with 6 ducks following us at our heels. We also took them to bridge games with our father.