I know I blogged about my 4-year Lasik Anniversary, but I still marvel at my Lasik. Now I’m at 5 years!

I got my Lasik on Friday the 13th. I was somewhat apprehensive about having surgery on a superstitious day, but I had several friends’ testimonies about Whitten-Perraut/TLC. I knew I was in good hands.

My father drove me to and from the surgery. He gags easily and is grossed out easily, so I was surprised to find out that he watched the whole thing on the monitor in the waiting room. And he didn’t even gag! Go Dad!

I still have no regrets. There was the scare when I was trying to diagnose Silent Sinus Syndrome, and I was mistakenly blaming the lasik for my sunken eye.

I do have a scar on the side of my left eye that has been there the whole time, but it doesn’t bother me. I wasn’t aware of it until it was pointed out in one of the follow-up appointments during the “Great Silent Sinus Syndrome Diagnosis of 2006“. Once my optometrist, Dr. Linda Miller at Northern Virginia Doctors of Optometry, noticed it, she has been diligent at keeping an eye on it to make sure it’s not affecting anything, or getting worse, or anything like that. My follow-up appointment this year is going to involve dialating my eyes so she can look at the scar again.

After it was pointed out to me, I realized the only time I had ever noticed it is when there is a light shining in my peripheral vision on the left side (such as in the side-view mirror when a car is coming up into my blind spot when I am driving). The side-effect? Tiny little star-bursts. I’d be annoyed if they were in my normal vision all the time and not just the peripheral. As it is, they are only in my peripheral and only when a light is shining in just the right way. And if I try to look at them, they go away. So, even though I have this scar, and I have a side-effect, it’s not that big of a deal to me. And so far it hasn’t gotten worse or caused any major problems.

This past week when we went camping, I stupidly leaned down and a twig poked my eye. I ended up scratching my cornea pretty bad. It didn’t hurt that bad, but I was worried this will affect my lasik, The eye doctor says it shouldn’t be a problem. I have some antibiotic and steroid drops, and it seems to be getting better. I have a follow-up appointment in a week for them to make sure it is healed. These antiobiotic drops are the same drops they gave me for my lasik. They glow in the blacklight, as we know from having a blacklight in the kitchen.