Clint sent me an email today:

“so I was downstairs and heard a bunch of crashing.. it was Lemonjello trying to get in the crawlspace, guess I didn’t close it perfectly when I put the cables away today

so I call oranjello, he doesn’t come, so I close the door, thinking ‘well if oj is back there, fuck it, he’ll just suffer for doing that’.

well I go upstairs and do some stuff, and lj comes up to the bathroom and just meows .. and I could tell by his tone that it wasn’t quite his normal whiny bitch self

so I stand up and am like, “what?”. And he meows, and takes a few more steps. I kinda knew he was meowling on behalf of a trapped oj, but as an experiment, I let him lead me. I’d take a step. then he’d meow, and go a bit father. gradually he led me to the fridge, and then got on his back and did his cute i’m-on-my-back stuff.

sure enough, oj was back there. I opened it up. called him and clapped.. then he really fast was like “oh my chance to escape yay!” and popped up. then he looked in between the joists over the main kitchen, where beavis was that one time. And then I was like “no.. come down here!”, and he came down