Over the weekend, there was a discussion about cats drinking water. Apparently, we’ve all observed a phenomenon where the cat drinks from the opposite side of the bowl.

I wanted to expand on that based on my observations of Lemonjello.

Lemonjello is somewhat of a wuss. He was the runtiest kitten in his litter. He had kind of a sickly face, as observed in the picture that was sent to us when we were looking for a kitten. We said to ourselves, “Let’s not get that one”.

Lemonjello, aka "Dirty Face"

Lemonjello, aka "Dirty Face"

Anyway, I was watching Lemonjello’s actions when he was drinking the water last night. The water dish is in the bathroom, and Lemonjello started by standing at the doorway looking in at the bowl. Then he slowly crept in, and kind of stalked the water dish. Then he slowly lowered his head into the water dish, and started drinking from the opposite side. His body was positioned in a way that he was looking up and out towards the doorway. I wonder if that is because he didn’t want to be vulnerable while drinking the water. He wanted to be able to see the doorway in case something came up to him. I guess he doesn’t like surprises. What a wuss!

On another note, he’s really cute when he eats his dry food too. He’ll pull the pieces of food out of the bowl and onto the kitchen floor, and then proceed to stalk and bat at the individual pieces until he catches it and eats it. It’s adorable. I should take a video sometime.