My cat, Lemonjello, is scaring me.  He turned a year old in June, and he weighs in at 15 lbs!!!!  My other cat, Oranjello, only weighs 10.

Oranjello isn’t a fan of dry food and only eats a couple of bites at a time.  But if I feed him canned food, he eats it all.  So I was feeding them both canned and dry food.  The dry food was an all-you-can-eat-cat buffet and it was even hooked up to a feeder that automatically dispensed the food.  When I was feeding them canned food, I started separating Lemonjello when I noticed he eats Oranjello‘s canned food and Oranjello just lets him.  Then when I noticed Lemonjello getting fat, I started feeding him less canned food than I was feeding Oranjello.  Anyway, long story short, Lemonjello‘s not getting any thinner.. He’s in fact getting fatter.  So now I took away the all-you-can-eat buffet and I am feeding them measured amounts twice a day.  It’s hard though because it messes with my schedule.  The research I did said to feed them twice a day and to take the food away after a half an hour.  So it’s been an adjustment for me too.

I remembered my cousin had blogged about putting her cat on a diet previously.  I went to her blog, and her cat was only 13 lbs,  so Lemonjello is worse off.

Lemonjello likes to chase toys, and also he will pull individual pieces of dry food out of the bowl and chase it around.  So he gets some exercise, but he needs a lot more.  He spends a lot MORE time laying on his favorite spot on the couch, getting fatter.  I also got a laser pointer for Christmas and so I’ve been exercising the kitties while I’m making dinner.  I was able to get him to run up and down the stairs a few times today.  Yay laser pointer!

So, anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to get Lemonjello down to a more reasonable weight.  The research also says it’s bad if he loses the weight too fast, so hopefully I don’t screw that up.