2009 certainly flew by.  It seems to have been a chill year compared to other years past.  Also, see Clint’s year-end photo review

2007 was the year of the breakups, this year was the year of the weddings.


Snowshoe trip.  Discovered my skis were broken when we were packing the car.  Invested in new skis.  I’m looking forward to using them again this coming season.

Kevin Nealon

Clint’s birthday party


Tim & Eric

Oranjello turns a year old.

Valentine’s Day dinner at Macaroni Grill  – got roped into raffle and won free facial from Mary Kay

Chili cookoff at Brad & Mandy’s, followed by a party at Dirk’s


Jay’s 30th birthday party, when Doug spilled the beans about the upcoming proposal on the Summer Solstice.

Zach’s party


Joe’s party, followed by Dirk’s?

First camping trip of the season


Took advantage of the unpaid extra leave and finished sealing the floors in 2 days.  House is done!

Camping lite at Evan’s parent’s cabin

Kreator concert at Jaxx

My cousin Samantha turned 21, and we celebrated at Famous Dave’s

Played poker with L Dubs & Andy, Clint lost immediately.

Brent & Kim get married!


Nine Inch Nails & Jane’s addiction concert

Monster Tail at Artomatic.

Father’s Day

Lemonjello turns a year old.

Summer Solstice came and went.  I had made sure my phone was charged up.  I saw Vicky‘s tweet, but no call came.  The next day, my mom called to say she never hears from Vicky now that she’s happy.



Celebrated Dad’s birthday at Famous Dave’s

Second Elizabeth Furnace camping trip


Tubing!  My first time.

Bethany Beach – almost spilled the beans about the proposal, but caught myself in time.


Ryan proposed to Vicky!  I can finally relax and no longer have a secret to keep.


Britt & Chris’s wedding!

GWAR concert

KMFDM concert

Wanted to go camping, but it was rained out pretty bad.


Jesse’s birthday party


Dethklok concert

Celebrated Clint’s Grandma’s birthday at Outback Steakhouse

Dirk’s halloween party


Possible Swine flu aka 3-day fever-plague.  Not fun.

Aaron & Meagan’s birthdays party

They Might Be Giants concert


Pixies Concert

Party at Dirk’s

Decemberween party

My cousin Jordan visits.

Another party at Dirk’s

Snowpocalypse 2009! 

Upcoming:  New Year’s Chili Cookoff 2010!!!  Nom Nom Nom!

And I am now going to start saying Twenty-Ten.