20090701 (Wed):

Wednesday we arrive around 3ish.. Started unpacking and setting up the tent and then cracked open the beer and tequila by 4:30ish.

When we arrived, it was gray and dreary, and it rained at some point.  Then the sun came out and teased us.  Carolyn actually changed her shirt from the agent orange t-shirt to her purple tank top (later [must have been the next day or so], in the pavilion, there was a slide show, and Carolyn’s picture from last x-day was featured.  A bit after that, Carolyn realized she wore that same purple tank top on the first day of last x-day and the first day of this x-day.  Hehe).

Around 7ish, the rain came back.  Carolyn, Clint, and Orpheus Stain high-tailed it to our tent.  Carolyn drfited off to sleep to the sound of rain and Clint & Orpheus chatting.  Later, she woke up, and the tent was empty.  It was still raining, but she decided to get up and track down everyone.  She got a poncho, and went off to the main pavilion.  Clint was there with Legume and some others.  Clint asked Carolyn if she got the cigarettes, and she said no.  So Clint decided to get them.  He left and Carolyn chilled with the people.  When Clint came back, he had two beers, the raven bobblehead? and no cigarettes.  So  Carolyn decided to get them at that point.  So she went to the tent and back and when she got back, nobody was at the pavilion anymore.  Clint was nice enough to leave her beer next to the bobblehead on the table.  A nice man was walking along and stopped by to chit chat with her for awhile.  He was staying in an RV up the hill towards the north pavilion.  After a bit, Carolyn was like, “I guess he’s not coming back” and so she parted ways to go find him.  She walked back towards the tent and eventually she was talking to Brainleak and Clint walked up.  Carolyn said “There he is!”  Clint was talking in tongues.  Words were coming out of his mouth, but there was no semblance of any sentences.  Carolyn asked “Are you drunk?”  She thinks he said yes.  Then he said he needed to pee and went to the flushers.  That was the last anyone saw of him until 1-2 am.  When he came out of the flushers, he collapsed on the ground.  Dr. Agonfly was unfortunate enough to have been talking to Carolyn when this happened, and he was trying to help get Clint not to pass out by the “shitters”.  Popess Pantiara walked by, so Carolyn, Dragonfly, and Pantiara were attempting to move Clint from right in front of the flushers.  We got him across the road, and then some other people convened to help.  Carolyn was freaking out quite a bit because she had never seen Clint like this without absinthe involved, and at least then he wasn’t collapsed on the ground.  So the 5 people helping to move Clint was a blur.  However, there was one guy who really took the situation to hand and made sure Clint was taken care of, and then escorted Carolyn up to the pavilion to get some official help.  At the time, he wouldn’t give her his name, but later she found out it was Rob/Teeters.  He had made sure to put a trash bag spread out under Clint, and gave him a roll of paper towels as a pillow, and he made sure the sleeping bag was over Clint.  So, Clint was passed out in a puddle by modemac’s tent for hours.  Carolyn kept going back ever hour or so to make sure he was ok.  She spent most of the night hanging out with dr. Agonfly and rob, and some others.  She spent some time with Dr Agonfly and Legume, who called Dr Agonfly “Jiffy Pop” because he was hyper from an energy drink.  Later, Legume opened up his trench coat to show his speedos and invite her to bed.  Tiki and drgonfly were there at that time too. dragon fly and Carolyn then decided to go up the studio to check out the movie.  The movie had people talking, and moving a lion head and making it talk and that was enough of that.  Jim Jones was passing out gin & tonics.  So Carolyn chatted with Jim Jones, Orpheous Stain, Stang, and Dragonfly for a bit.  cloves were smoked.  Dragonfly and Carolyn checked on Clint again and then went back to the movie.  After a bit, dr agonfly went to bed, but Carolyn stayed with rob and orpheus stain.  Eventually everyone was going to bed.  Princess Wei was going to bed with a large lord of the rings glass of Riesling.  Stang is like, “you better finish that, I have to be up in 12 hours” she said it’d be gone by the time they got to bed.  Carolyn still don’t know if she finished it or not.

At some point, Modemac went to bed, but since Clint was passed out in front of his tent, he was trying to get him to move.  So Dr. Agonfly and Carolyn dragged him away towards the car.  We tried to get him to go into the car, but it was impossible.  After everyone went to bed, it was just Carolyn & orpheus who said that he’d help get Clint into the car.  Carolyn was skeptical because it took 5 people to move him that far, and dragonfly and Carolyn could only drag him 5 feet away from the mud puddle to the car.  But when they got to the car, Clint had come down enough to be coherent again and was actually able to stand himself up and head to the flushers to pee and get himself into the tent.  Yay!

Since Clint’s sleeping bag was wet, and Clint was soaked to the bone, Carolyn gave him a new shirt and her sleeping bag, and then climbed in with Clint’s sleeping bag.  Then she found out she didn’t understand how to get into it, or even which end was the top and which was the bottom.  Her feet were also wet and cold and soaked.  It sucked that the tent was leaking and the zipper was broken.

20090702 (Thu):

Thursday was wet and cold and rainy also.

Quote: “Remember when you were dead?”

On Thursday, Carolyn & Clint were looking for their chairs to take the pavilion.  They weren’t at the camp site, they weren’t in the car, and they weren’t at the pavilion.  Clint wondered if they had even been bought, but Carolyn saw him put them in the car, and she also would have noticed them on her final “did I forget anything?” check.  After hanging out at the pavilion, we got an awesome cheeeseburger and nachos from the café.  we got nachos and peppers and they didn’t chince on the peppers.  Each bite had a pepper.  Awesome. Tangent and others had hung out at that shelter drinking beast ice and chilling before Clint had woken up.  So Tangent was pretty smashed by the time we got those nachos.  Heheh  We didn’t see him again until the next day

After nachos, we wandered around a bit… then Clint said, “Check out those houses” and Carolyn looked and was like, “Dude, those are our chairs”  Clint had no recollection of ever being there.

We checked out the north pavilion on Thursday and again on Friday.  Thursday there was supposed to be breakfast, but we took our time getting there, so there were only a couple of pieces of bacon left.  Friday was supposed to be the slip n slide but everyone had eaten turkey and were pretty chill.  Carolyn took a nap at that point and left Clint.

Carolyn got up and hung out at Rob & Wilhelm’s shelter.  People would come and go, so she met Lloyd, Spike Jones, Dildo Valerie, Kate, Wilhelm, along with also Two Beans, Rob, Dragonfly.  She thinks she spent 5 hours straight sitting at that shelter with everyone coming and going and only leaving myself to use the flushers.  It worked out because the people would come and go and stuff.  When Clint woke up, we went to the main pavilion where the 2-hour of hour of slack happened.  I guess the buldada auction aslo happened.  The couscous happened.  It was awesome with the goya chicken broth packet.

On Thursday, Clint showered and Carolyn chatted with Pisces who said that Orpheus stain was also pretty drunk when she saw him and Clint.  When Carolyn looked at the camera, there were a couple of pictures that were taken during the blackout.  Pisces and Jim Jones? at the pavilion, and Orpheus dancing on a picnic table at the pavilion.  Good times, I guess. Heheh

Thursday night some people were indulging, and Eggplant and K-ren came looking for Brainleak at some point.  Later, Brainleak stumbled up in tears so Carolyn tried to be there for him.  Quote: “It isn’t medicine unless it makes you make sick-face when it goes down.” She walked to the north pavilion to let his parents know we found him.  They said it was fine as long as he wasn’t in a puddle.  It took and hour and 15 minutes for Brainleak to come down from his vision of hell.

At some point, Susie The Floozy, Dr. Hal, and others sat behind us. I, Rev. Xanatos, didn’t see Dr. Hal, who was right behind me, for quite some time. He looked as trashed as the rest of us. “How long have you been here?”, I asked. He paused for a moment to consider his answer, then simply said, “Since conception.” NICE!

Thursday night, Rob had grilled, and the grill was left out right by the shelter thing, so people kept tripping on it.  Rob himself tripped on it like 3-5 times.  It became known as “the grill of shame”.

20090703 (Fri):

Friday was the band that covered Miserlou and other songs Carolyn could recognize.  Rev. Spike was sitting outside in a pile of vomit in his lap.. With his phone in the middle of it.  Saturday, it was said that his phone was run over, the battery had popped out, and yet it still worked.  Carolyn checked on him but didn’t have the energy to do much else after two nights of taking care of Clint and Brainleak.

Quote: “You can fuck a dog and still have it be straight!”  This won the award for “Best thing said in the last 5 minutes” and had everyone in stitches.

Friday night, Brainleak stayed up all night drumming with the pagans.

808 and Christie arrived on Friday.  But we didn’t see them till like 8pm at the pavilion when the bands were playing.  We also didn’t see much of them on Saturday.

At some point, Teeters was wearing a nametag with Ivan Stang’s real name.  He commented that Stang told him he was ruining his good name.
Also at some point, not sure if it was Friday or Saturday, but there was a conversation about catheters.  Dildo Valerie said she had to change catheters for a living and that it’s not fun.

20090704 (Sat):

Saturday was the bonfire.

Saturday was the pancakes and scrapple..  Clint has finally tried scrapple because Carolyn had the foresight to get him a piece while he was getting his pancake

Saturday, we had a house salad and the quesadilla from the café

20090705 (Sun):

Our Rupture video:
Agent Lloyd’s Rupture video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUQdh1ebsEc

Sunday we were still not 100% sure if we wanted to leave Sunday or Monday.  Carolyn wanted to get on the road if they were leaving, but Clint wanted to stay for the bobby awards.  Carolyn got one for being “Goddess of mellowing the harsh”  She was called up pretty early.  Like the 2nd or third one.  Yay!  Clint got a double award for being the earliest xday casualty and best pass-out in a puddle.  Rob had nominated him.  Yay
Sunday we also chilled with 808 & Christie some more.  They made us some awesome peanut butter & marshmallow fluff sandwiches that were heated up on the sandwich press.  I had never thought of using that for a peanut butter sandwich, but it was a definite win.

By the time all was said and done on Sunday, Carolyn was like “since it’s now so late, I’d rather just stay now.” but we decided to go ahead and leave.  But Carolyn was like “it’s already 5 and the potluck is going on, so we may as well stay for that!”  Free food rather than having to stop to eat.  That worked out because the food was awesome.  Pasta, indian food, haggis, chips and artichoke salsa….  Olives with pits.  Carolyn tore those up, they were so delicious.  Fried donuts that “were just donuts” that looked like seafood poppers.  If it was shrimp and scallops, Carolyn would have eaten them, but when she found out they were “just donuts” she passed.

It took about 6 1/2 – 7 hours to get home.  We stopped in Breezewood again to top off the gas and pee and switch driving shifts.  We also stopped at taco bell and had some confusion with the order.

Three days of misery might have made it not worth it, but the awesomeness outweighed all that.  The misery wasn’t intolerable, and the awesomeness was just more awesome.