What annoys you the most?
tough call.. all work and no play is what I can come up with at this moment in time.

If you could, where would you go right now?
somewhere warm… I’m not ready for summer to end yet.

Generally speaking, how often do you think about love?
all the time.  I love Clint!

Choose an element: earth, wind, air, fire, water
earth (what’s the difference between wind and air?)

Which would you rather have: Ability to fly, to breathe underwater, or to move things with your mind (Telekinesis)?
telekinesis – which includes flying because I’d move myself with my mind

Would you rather not have to sleep or eat and drink?
I love all those things… I like sleeping and dreaming, but I guess I enjoy eating and drinking more.

Do you believe in aliens, UFOs, ghosts, or any other supernatural beings/objects?
I think these things are possible.  Space is in infinite thing so there is probably life out there somewhere.  I’ve seen a possible ghost, and my sister and aunt have seen unexplained ghosty things.

Choose one: Love or money?

Infatuation or inspiration?

Day or night?
both, but I’m more likely to be awake during the day.

Imagination or knowledge?

Describe your “perfect” place of living.
I like where I’m at, but somewhere sunny and warm would be nice right about now.  Stupid rainy cold day.

Lastly, is destruction a form of creation?
yes, something new comes in its place