Since the keyboard I use at work was purchased just for me, I’ve noticed a phenomenom that interests me (but probably not everyone else… just a warning…)

Some of the keys are more worn than others, and so I can see some insight with my typing habits based on that.

The three most worn keys are Tab, Left Shift, and the right side of the spacebar.  Surprisingly, the backspace key isn’t as worn as I would expect.

The left Alt and shift keys are very worn, and the right alt and shift keys aren’t worn at all.  However, both ctrl keys are worn, but the right one is more worn than the left one…

The arrow keys are pretty worn, especially the area on the keyboard around the up arrow..  dunno what’s up with that.

The enter in the number pad is as equally worn as the regular enter key.

the 0 and the 5 keys in the number pad are the most worn.

The escape key is somewhat worn.

OK, that is all, back to work.  Enough pointlessness. 🙂