• Who's to blame? The parents or the taxi cab driver? I think a little bit of both, however, in this case, it lies more on the taxi cab driver. If there is a rule that they are to inspect their cab for forgotten items after every fare, then he obviously didn't follow that rule. I think 3 days suspension is overkill though. The parents are responsible for their kid, but it sounds to me like it was pretty hectic with several adults being transported from the airport, and it's an easy mistake to make. It sounds like only a few minutes passed before the parents' message got through to the taxi driver. So the parents did their job. They realized the kid was missing once the dust settled and contacted the taxi company and somehow got their message through to the driver.
    I don't get the quote saying he's a kind man for returning the kid safely. He's *supposed* to return the kid. He's not supposed to drive off with them in the first place. Returning the kid just makes him "not evil"
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  • Here is the famous green sauce recipe as given to us by our awesome friend Eli.
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