I’m considering switching vets.   After being told that a dental cleaning would cost $400, and then finding out my friends only pay $250, I’m starting to feel like I’m being ripped off.  


Has anyone ever gone to Annandale Animal Hospital?  They are closer to my house than Alexandria Animal Hospital, and they also have evening and Saturday hours so I wouldn’t have to miss work.  So, I’m thinking of switching to them, but I’d like to know what they are like before jumping into them.  

 I guess if no one has ever been there, I’ll take Lemonjello to them when his vaccinations come due in October and see how it goes.

In the meantime, I’ll be attempting to brush Oranjello’s teeth.  When Oranjello was trying to bite the toothbrush and lick the toothpaste off of it, Lemonjello was all interested, so I let him look at the toothbrush, but he shied away.  So I guess it’s good that it’s Oranjello with the bad teeth and not Lemonjello.