The vet wants me to brush Oranjello’s teeth every day because he apparently has a lot of tartar buildup and she was surprised as he is only a year old. She said she recommends him for a cleaning already, but unfortunately, the cleaning she’s talking about is like $400 because they have to anesthetize him. So she wants me to brush his teeth to push back having to go in for that major cleaning. It sucks. Why’s he have to have bad teeth? (Insert mullet-guy joke here.)

I linked to the training video they had for me, but here it is again

Luckily for me, it doesn’t seem like Oranjello hates the toothbrush or the toothpaste. He actually jumped ahead to week three and was like putting the brush in his mouth and licking the dab of toothpaste off of it… so I think it won’t be too traumatic for either of us (crosses fingers)