It’s no secret.  I don’t have any rhythm.   Since Guitar Hero has come out, I’ve been learning a bit, and now that we have the drums, I’m improving even more.

But many many years ago, Clint picked up a game called Mad Maestro.  This game was sort of like Frequency and Amplitude where you use the controller to press the buttons right when the note passes by the circle.  For the songs, they had well-known classical songs.  Well, I picked up that controller, and I started playing.  And then I was like “Clint! It’s so fast!  I can’t keep up!!!!!”  And Clint was just like, “It’s you.  You’re controlling it.”  It took me a little while to realize what he was saying.

This game was different than Frequency.  In Frequency (which ultimately became Guitar Hero), if you hit the note early or late, it beeped an error sound.  In Mad Maestro, you are the conductor, conducting the music.  If you hit the button early or late, it still plays the note.  So I was hitting all the notes early and it was just playing the song anyway.  So I was in this feedback loop where I was pressing the button faster and faster and faster until my thumb was going to fall off, and the game was just playing that song all sped up and fast.  It was crazy!!

I don’t think I ever played it again.  But I think Clint went all the way through it while I watched.  I’ll stick to the games that beep at me when I fuck up.  But Mad Maestro seemed like a fun game if you know what you were doing.  It was certainly fun to watch.