I dreamed we were at X-Day. And I was like, “Oh shit, I didn’t sign us up to come to X-day this year! Now we’re here, I hope they let us stay!” Then I was like, “Wait a minute, it’s not time for X-Day, this is a dream!!” So realizing it was a dream, I enjoyed myself for awhile, and then I was like, “Oh, this is a dream, maybe I can fly.” So I launch myself into the sky, but I took off SOOO FAST. I was like “Oh shit, I need to stop!” and I looked down, and there was like a canyon or something beneath me, so I was like, “Oh shit! I can’t land here!” So then I was like, “I know! I’ll wake myself up. Wake up!!!” And I kinda started shaking myself awake, and I felt the pins and needles of waking up. Then I woke up, and was like “Wow! Lucid dream! Let me write that down.” So I get out of bed, walk all the way around the bed to Clint’s side (rather than climbing all over him), and I pick up the keyboard for my pda from the headboard on Clint’s side. Then I walked all the way back around the bed, and hooked my pda into the keyboard and start typing. Then I was like “Oh weird, it’s already filled in, and there are pictures and everything!” Then I ended back up at X-Day and was just having a good time and the thought never crossed my mind…. Until I really woke up, and found out that I only dreamed I woke up and got the pda keyboard.. Weird! I should have questioned it again when the journal on my pda was already filled out… with pictures?? WTF..

Mood: I’m chilly, Clint’s relleno
Music: Sabbat – Horned Is The Hunter