The CNN homepage had the headline “Ticker: Obama breaks Bush’s big rule”.  So, me thinking there was actual news clicked on it.  I read the article, was like “So!?!?”  Then I noticed that was some stupid political blog thing and not real news.  And then I read a few comments.  I saw the comment that said, “this is news? is this supposed to be something to make GW sound bad? Who gives a rip!” and I totally agreed.

Later on, I came back to it because I was considering emailing it to Clint and commenting about how lame the news story was.   There were a lot more comments, so I started reading a few.  I don’t know how many I read, but I did want to strangle some of those people.  Especially in particular:  “PRESIDENT OBAMA SHOULD CONTINUE THE WHITE HOUSE DRESS CODE. WHEN WEARING SHIRT WITHOUT TIE…REMINDS US OF THE LEADER OF IRAN, NEVER WEARS A TIE . A PRESIDENT SHOULD DRESS PROPERLY OUR PRESIDENT IS REPRESENTING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. WE MUST SET THE RIGHT EXAMPLE. IN EVERY WAY… ALWAYS!.”

1.  Turn off your caps lock

2.  It seems to me it wasn’t a White House code, but a Bush code.  Bush made the rule that suits were required in the Oval Office.  Oh look, Google has presented an article from June 2001.

3.  Obama is wearing a tie.

and 4.  Clothes do not set the “right example”.  Attitude does.

I agree with the people who have comments about how it’s good that he is there to get work done and be comfortable.  I think the comment about taking the suit off and only wearing it to important meetings is right on.  I don’t know much about suits and fashion, but that makes sense to me.  The comment said “”Has anyone that is insulting President Obama for taking his jacket off actually worked all day in a jacket? You won’t find that in corporate America. You take your jacket off to work. You put your jacket on for meetings…but only some meetings.

This is wear [sic] Obama works. I’d rather have him be comfortable and get things done than be worried about a freakin’ jacket.”

Right on.

Oh, here’s a new comment I just noticed that is also right on:  “I guess it was silly of me to read this headline and think that perhaps the article would be about something substantive like abortion, health care, or foreign affairs. CNN will apparently keep us up to date on more important matters.”

Anyway, apparently I was sucked into the crap, because I’ve spent way too long thinking about this today.