Since I did a New Year’s post last year, I figured I’d do another one this year.

This year seemed to have flown by really fast compared to previous years. I always end up thinking that the months go by pretty fast, and then I think back and am like “Wow, August was a long time ago.”  It just sort of sneaks up on me.   Recently, I’ve been finding myself marvelling at how fast time flies.  I remember when I was a kid, everything was slow.  It only started seeming to speed up when I was in college.  And then after college?  Whew!!  Forget about it!

This year, 2008, marked Clint & my 8-year anniversary of being married.  When it hit me that we’ve been married as long as we were together before we got married on our 8-year anniversary, I was amazed.  It’s crazy how fast that time has flown!

Anyway, I reviewed my list from last year , and wow, there was a lot going on last year.

Without further ado, here is this year in a nutshell:

Trip to Chicago

Trip to Snowshoe piggybacked off of the Chicago trip.  Lots of travel that week.

Beavis got hit by a car on my birthday.  )~:

I spent $175 to a crazy guy in Sterling in order to get a kitten that was not through the adoption agencies.   Oranjello was worth it.

X-Day (instead of Cambridge, MD)

Assateague/Bethany was different this year because of the scheduling snafu.  We did Saturday through Tuesday, then headed up to Bethany.  Next year will be August 7-9.  Evite to follow.

Got another kitten, Lemonjello, to be  friends with Oranjello.  They are best buddies.  (Lemonjello was free, as kittens should be).

Camping trips – We went once in May and took Oranjello.  I was determined to go again before it got too cold – we ended up with 6 of us in the rain in September.  It wasn’t *too* terrible, but definitely not ideal.  Then we went to Evan’s cabin in December.  That was nice and I’d like to do that again.

As usual, there were a lot of parties and hanging out with friends.  Yay!

Still a lot of concerts – Sisters of Mercy, They Might Be Giants, Gene Ween Band and Ween, Dethklok, Sabbat, NoFX, Stella, GWAR, Freezepop, Marilyn Manson, and the infamous Danzig playing Misfits, Judy Tenuta, Type O Negative (which we practically missed), Jeanene Garafalo, Andrew Dice Clay, Ozzy Osbourne/Rob Zombie, Michael Ian Black, etc.  The comprehensive list is at

Anyway, I have no complaints about the year 2008.  Overall it was a good year for me.  Here’s looking forward to 2009.