So, today, I was planning on making a meatball meal that had been in my fridge for a couple of months (the sell-by was the end of September).  I should have frozen it, but I kept planning to make it, but then forgetting about it.  I was wondering about whether it was still good.  When I pulled it out of the fridge, the corner of the plastic wasn’t all the way closed, and some of the sauce spilled on the ground.  While I was grabbing a paper towel, Lemonjello was there ready to do some clean-up duty.  When I turned around, I immediately knew those meatballs were no good.  Lemonjello was sniffing the sauce, and then instead of licking it up, he tried to bury it like in a litter box.  Needless to say, the meatballs were thrown away.  I wonder if the corner not being all the way sealed contributed to the demise of the meatballs, but we’ll never know.  I really should have remembered to make it sooner.  Oh well.

Another funny thing that happened recently involves Oranjello.  A friend of ours had a fake fur coat (polyester leopard).  She put it on without Oranjello noticing, and then went into the bathroom.  While she was in there, Oranjello trotted up to the door to wait for her (he likes to hang out inside with you, but if you close the door, he’ll just be chilling on the outside).  When she came out, he took one look at her, and then shot across the room at full speed, bouncing off a couple of pieces of furniture.  We were like, “What’s his problem?” and then we realized he was freaked out because of the coat.  Hahha