I was driving alone to Ocean City.  Clint had caught a ride up there with Kipp the day before, but I had to work that Friday so I was driving myself and meeting everyone up there Friday afternoon.

When I hit the toll booth traffic, I noticed the left side had a shorter line, so I pulled into it.  I did not realize that the left toll booth was the line for the other side of the bridge going in the opposite direction.  I had never had a problem going over that bridge before, but when I was going against traffic with the threat of a head on collision if I screwed up one direction, or going over the edge and drowning if  I messed up the other, I had an anxiety attack.  The second I made it over, I pulled off the road and had a cigarette to calm my nerves.  Then I continued onto Ocean City and had a fun time.

Ever since then, I make sure to go into the toll booths on the right, no matter how long the lines are.  I still feel nervous going over the bridge, and it’s mostly what this article touches on.  I’m afraid of having another panic attack more than a fear of actually going over the side of the bridge.