So, Oranjello and the kitten seem to be getting along great!  I am concerned that Oranjello plays too rough with the kitten and doesn’t realize how much bigger he is than the kitten.  But the kitten would get wrestled enough to meow and try to escape, but then if the kitten gets away, the kitten keeps coming back for more.  My mom said they’ll be fine together.  So I am not as worried that Oranjello is going to kill this kitten, just somewhat concerned.

The kitten is acting great and very outgoing now.  He explored the spiral stairs on his own, and he doesn’t seem as fearful of heights as Oranjello was (Oranjello needed “training carpet” provide traction to to use the stairs).  He seems to like Oranjello too.  He’s still slightly skittish about me and Clint, and I think if given time he’ll come around.  He doesn’t object to us once we’re there petting him or holding him.  He just acts ever so slightly scared when we first come up to him.  He’s not like Runny/Tigger where he hides forever. He does leave the couch and not hang around us, though.

My main problem is Oranjello’s behavior to me and Clint.  He spends all his time downstairs either playing with the kitten, or looking longingly at the kitten behind the utility room door.   Last night, when it was bedtime, I went and got Oranjello and brought him to the bedroom with us.  Oranjello did *NOT* want to come into the room with me, and he was actually growling at me when I was holding him! He’s never growled at me!

I sat on the bed for a few minutes, and he was just growling and acting all annoyed.  I got really depressed about that.  I actually said to Clint “What, does he have rabies or something?”.

This morning, I actually realized that I had had a dream back in May about Oranjello being mean and me worried about him having rabies.  When I reread the dream, it was more than just Oranjello being mean and me worried about rabies.  In the dream, Oranjello had been playing with some wild cats, and when it was time to go home, I picked him up, and he got mad and was snarling and hissing and trying to attack me.  Crazy, huh.

Anyway, Oranjello seemed fine this morning – he had slept with us in his usual spot on the headboard.  No alarm clock shenanigans this morning.  I let him and the kitten play while I made my breakfast.  Then I locked the kitten up, and Oranjello stayed downstairs while I finished up my stuff and went to work.  Clint said Oranjello did not hang out with him at all while I was at work which is unusual.  He said he brought him upstairs and gave him some fishflakes once, but he went right back downstairs. Not the human-social cat that he usually is.

So, my thought is I shouldn’t keep the kitten if I want to keep a relationship with Oranjello.  I am scared if I keep the kitten, I won’t have any kitties that would love me since they are too busy playing with each other.  Then again, maybe if Oranjello realizes the kitten is here to stay, maybe he won’t want to spend every waking moment with it.  I just don’t know, and time is up.  I have to decide whether I am keeping this kitten tonight.

I asked Clint what he thinks, and he seems to think we should keep the kitten, but he said if I’m the one having second thoughts, he trusts my opinion more.  I just don’t know.  Clint suggested I post this blog entry and see what everyone else’s thoughts are……  sooooo… any thoughts????