Oranjello did the funniest thing this morning.

The alarm went off, and I groggily got up to hit snooze, and Oranjello was already at the clock on his two back feet kinda hitting it.. I was like “what the—is he trying to hit the snooze button!!?!”

I bet that’s what he was doing.. He’s like, “she always hits it to make it stop, let me try that”
On another note, we got a new kitten so Oranjello has someone to play with.  We’re not sure if he’s going to work out yet, as he is really scared of Clint & me.  We took Oranjello to the guy’s place to meet the kittens and make sure they get along.  The kittens just ran and hid from the second we walked into the room.  We would catch them and kinda interact with them.  Oranjello would just growl and hiss at the kittens.  And he would also kinda just look at them (with his head tilted).  He’d sort of follow them around.  The guy said we could take a kitten or two home and see how they react to each other when Oranjello is comfortable in his own environment, and if it didn’t work out we can bring the kitten(s) back with no hard feelings.
We decided to just take one home with us.  Of course, we got the sickliest looking one.  I was like “I’m very concerned about that sickly look, but he’s the only one who doesn’t run totally away… but maybe that’s because he’s sickly!” It was a hard decision but we decided to give it a try.  The guy kept calling him “Dirty Face”.  Anyway, the kitten is still skittish around Clint & I, but he’s starting to open up a little to Oranjello.
Speaking of Oranjello, here’s an excerpt from an email from Clint:
“oranjello is obsessed with his new toy! the kitten seems fine. he wasn’t as runny. i let oranjello visit with him for a few minutes, until he started pummeling the cat and then i  separated them. but the kitten is not running away from oranjello, and it’s a non-hissing dominance pummeling, not a vicious attack. when i came in the room WITH oranjello, the kitten went under the sink and hid in the corner there. but he’s not hiding in the FAR corner anymore, I guess.

oranjello is on constant red alert. he makes his closed-mouth quick-meow ‘alert’ that he does when he sees flies constantly, as if he’s trying to tell me “lemme get to the kittem dammit!” he’s insanely fesity. i think he’s very happy that there’s another kitty in the house. he’s in a permanent state of spazzing around and attacking me more. his awareness is just very increased – it’s like he’s on drugs. very cute.”

So, maybe it’ll work out, but we’ll see.  We have until Saturday to decide.