20080626 - Dethklok ticket stub

After Ram’s Head had lied to us about the time that Type O Negative was playing (we called ahead, was told there were 2 bands before them that were playing a certain amount of time and that Type O Negative was going on around 10pm.  We showed up at 9:30 and had already missed half the set.), we decided to leave somewhat earlier to be safe.   We initially told Greg we were going to leave by 7:30, but then the day of the concert, we felt kinda nervous and thought we’d like to leave by 7.  Greg had already planned on 7:30, so he wouldn’t be able to get to our house by 7.  He did get to our house at around 7:20 and we rushed out the door to leave.

I locked the door, walked to the car, and then remembered I forgot the directions.  I know how to get there, but I like to have the directions handy just in case.  So I went back in and got them.

Driving up there was fine until suddenly the a/c started blowing air that was less cold.  My hands had been cold, so I figured that Clint had gotten cold and had adjusted it.  So I asked him that, but he said he didn’t touch it.  Then he was like “WTF? Why’s it blowing hot air?”  Then suddenly, I noticed something else…. My temperature guage was way above the red.  I was like “Uhh, my car is overheating!”  So we pulled over.  I must mention that my low coolant light came on a few days ago.  Every few months, that light would come on, and then after a week or so, it usually turns off.  The first time it happened, I had my uncle/mechanic look at it, and he said the level was fine, and that it was probably the sensor.  So when it came on, I figured it was the sensor, but in the back of my mind, I was going to get it checked.  I had called Jiffy Lube about their free fluid top-off, but they told me they top off everything except coolant and brake fluid.  So that wouldn’t help me.  So, apparently, I needed to pay a bit more attention to that light.  After a few minutes, the car was cool enough for Greg & Clint to open the lid.  They reported that there was coolant spattering everywhere.  They added the half of bottle of water that I had left in my car.  I called my uncle for advice.

My uncle suggested that I wait for the car to cool down, and then drive it to the next gas station, and keep an eye on the gauge.  If it overheated again, then not to try to drive it because I could damage the engine.  So that’s exactly what we did.  We got to the gas station fine.  We also turned on the heat.  We bought a couple of gallons of coolant, Clint got a slim jim, and I also bought two bottles of water to be safe.  We added the coolant, and I was like, “oh no, it’s leaking out!”  But it turned out, Clint had spilled it a bunch putting it in since we didn’t have a funnel.  So there does seem to be a place in this hose that is leaking, but it wasn’t gushing out like I thought.

Anyway, we get back on the road, and we kept a close eye on that gauge, but it never went above halfway.  WHEW!

We get to the club, parked, and then kinda jogged through the parking garage.  I realized I forgot the parking ticket, so I had to run back to my car to get it.  Then I suggested we go at a light jog because I was nervous we were missing it.  Turns out, the 2nd band was still playing when we got there.  While we were standing in line to get in, some rude guy shoved me out of the way.  The staff worker said he wasn’t going to let that guy back in because of that.  Thanks Ram’s Head!

We finally get in, and there were Tabbitha, Laszlo, Joe, Wayne, Shehab, and Beth right by the food area.  Yay.  Later, Eve & Chris showed up.  We got our drinks, chilled for a bit, and then decided to go ahead and try to find a spot to stand in, rather than waiting until they started and trying to fight our way through.  It turned out it didn’t matter at all.  It was PACKED!  Everywhere!  We tried upstairs, but that didn’t work out because we couldn’t get up to the balcony in order to look down.  So we went back downstairs.  We tried sitting on the stairs with these other people, but eventually staff yelled at us.  It was funny how they yelled at us to move, but we couldn’t move because everyone else was in front of us.  Very clogged.  We squeezed down into the crowd, and I immediately recognized that there was a problem.  I quickly reiterated with Clint the plan if we got separated.  Good thing, because right when they started, the crowd surged, and I was dragged one way and Clint went the other.  I had my drink which I had finished, but I still had ice.  I stuck it down my shirt between my boobs, and it was nice to grab an ice cube here and there.  I saw a guy who looked hot, and I offered an ice cube to him.  Turns out that was a good move, because then I had a protector.  He put his arms around me and shoved anyone who came within 5 inches of me.  Awesome!  He was also good at pushing his way forward, so we ended up in the first 6 rows.  Whoo-hoo!  At some point, this other chick shows up, so then he was protecting both of us, and that chick was also protecting me, and I was trying to protect them as best as I could.  My shoe came untied at some point, but I didn’t worry about tying it.  I thought the chick knew the guy but after the show, I found out she was just some random chick.

When the crowd would surge all over the place, I kept thinking “OMG, I’m at a Dethklok show that is packed and everyone is moshing all around!  I’m gonna die!!!”  But I didn’t. 🙂

Anyway, it was AWESOME!!  WHOO-HOO!