Another example of Christians not being very Christian-y.

I am dumbfounded. I don’t know what to say.

“Freshwater, according to an independent report, used an electrostatic device to mark a cross on the arm of one of his students, causing pain to the student”

Electrostatic device? That’s worse than a ruler!

“Freshwater was also reprimanded several times for refusing to move his Bible from his classroom desk and teaching creationism alongside evolution”

Creationism teachings do not belong in a public school. If a family wants their kids to be taught creationism, then they can put their kid into a private school that teaches it, or home-school them. Church and State are to be separate, remember?

And he was a science teacher!? What’s he thinking?!? Has he been doing this for the entire 21 years he’s been teaching? I’m confused.

Maybe he went insane…

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