Oranjello is growing up fast. After Beavis made me realize Misfit getting hit by a car was not a fluke, I made the decision to keep my next cat indoors. Then I downgraded that to “leash only.” Clint & I have taken Oranjello out on the leash several times.

There are some pictures here. Anyway, it’s been somewhat exciting going into our yard which we have barely ever done, since it’s kinda hard to get down there (there’s a very steep hill, covered in ivy, and before Oranjello, it just wasn’t worth it). Clint & I (mostly Clint) have attempted some mass ivy-genocide on the trees that are back there, which explains Clint‘s nasty poison ivy arms during camping. We realized that that crazy ivy is only in *OUR* yard. So while Oranjello was climbing trees and running around, Clint & I were doing some much needed yard maintenance.

When Oranjello was younger, he was very timid. He’d explore on his own, but he wouldn’t go far. He liked the creek, and we coaxed him along, but he didn’t need that much coaxing. One time, I took him out there by myself without Clint. I just sat on the ground and kept an eye on him. He ended up climbing into my lap. Then he’d climb back down and chase bugs. Recently, I noticed Oranjello has been a little bit restless. I realize he seems bored, and since it’s been raining, and I’ve been lazy, we haven’t been taking him outside.

So, today, I went out there with him after dinner. He was so happy! He climbed the trees, and explored the fence back there, and climbed some more trees. I started pulling down the beginnings of the kudzu, and only kept one eye on him while he ran around. Suddenly, I realized what he was doing. He would stand by the big tree that has the carving by it, and RUN AS FAST AS HE COULD all the way across the yard to the retaining wall. So, I took off and hid behind the big tree. I kinda peeked around the corner so he realized I was playing with him. So we played a bit of tag. It was pretty fun doing it in the yard. We sometimes play in the house. The house (downstairs) is better because you can hide in more places such as behind the couches.
Oranjello also stalked around underneath the ivy, so it was hard to see him. The ground is basically ankle deep with ivy vines. It’s kinda neat, but I’m sure our trees aren’t happy with that ivy when it starts to climb them.

Eventually, we had to come back inside. Within 5 minutes of getting back inside, I found a tick on Oranjello. The tick was just kinda floating on top of his long hair. Maybe that’s an advantage of long hair? Harder for the ticks to find the sweet juicy skin to bite into? Or maybe it just didn’t have time to nestle in enough. Whatever. It’s dead now.

Needless to say, Oranjello can’t keep his eyes open now. I keep catching him in the bed. He’s curled up in a chair now. I kept trying to keep him awake so he’ll sleep tonight, but it’s impossible.

On another note, going out into my yard has made me want to relearn all the trees I forgot after college. That’s definitely a skill that you use or lose. That Dendrology class — the study of identifying trees — was the hardest class ever (but also the funnest [in the fall] because you got to go out hiking). I had to take it three times (dropped,failed,passed with a B) and the third time, I had to put my all into it. It was the only class I actually failed. You cannot skim through that class, you actually have to study study study, and then study some more.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the next camping trip, and I’m sure if Oranjello understood anything, he’d be looking forward to it too. 🙂

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