The weather turned out fine.  Kipp & Gene strung three tarps together to make a lean-to for if it rained.  We had a bet going around as to when the rain would start.  It did start to sprinkle lightly, and we all high-tailed it under the tarps thinking it was going to downpour at any second, however, 5 minutes later, the rain stopped and never started again.  It wasn’t even enough rain to get your clothes wet if you didn’t seek shelter.  In the end, the effort of making the tarp wasn’t worth it since there was barely any rain.

Oranjello had a great time climbing trees, chasing bugs, and just being a kitten in general.  He didn’t stray far from us at all and so that was good.  At one point, he burrowed underneath my tent.  Someone asked me what I thought he was doing, and I said, “He’s probably sleeping”.  A few minutes later, he stuck his head out, and his eyes were half-closed and sleepy looking.  It was cute.  Later, he went into the tent and took a nap.  This morning, Oranjello was chasing his leash around this big tree.  So once he’d come around the tree, he’d see the tail end of the leash also go around the tree.  He spent 5 minutes trying to chase that leash.  Finally, he stopped and was just kinda sitting there.  I said that he was probably waiting for it to come around the other side.  Sure enough, Oranjello turned around and tried to cut the leash off, but unfortunately the leash was just sitting there limply and so Oranjello finally lost interest.

Gene found this weird flower/fungus thing near his tent.  There was a whole cluster of them growing in the ground, but it was only in that one spot.  We didn’t see any others anywhere else.  It was weird.
So, anyway, it was a good time, and I’m looking forward to having more trips this summer.