Just yesterday, I was riding with my dad to Home Depot, and a radio commercial came on that had Keith David’s voice.  Keith David was the voice of Goliath in the cartoon Gargoyles. At the time, I thought, “Wow, it’s such a shame that such a talented voice actor has been reduced to crappy commercials.”

Later that night, Clint & I checked out the new Spiderman cartoon on WB (I think they’re calling it “Spectacular Spiderman”). And Keith David is voice acting in it! He’s playing a villian, I believe.

On another note, when the theme song came on for the Spiderman cartoon, Clint & I immediately wondered if it was going to be too juvenile for us. That theme song was HORRIBLE. Then at the end of the theme, it had Greg Weisman’s name. Then we realized Greg Weisman is the writer. He’s the guy who was behind the Gargoyles cartoon. Needless to say, we’re giving it a chance.

To me, Spiderman has always been somewhat more light-hearted and juvenile in the comics and cartoons anyway. He’s always talking to himself and is always so wholesome. So, we’ll see where it goes. The 90’s animated Spiderman rocked, though it was never as good as the 90’s X-men cartoon.