Several years ago (2004), Melanie loaned me her copy of the first book in the Incarnations Of Immortality series by Piers Anthony. I didn’t even get through the first book when I knew I was hooked. I immediately got the rest of the series and worked my way through them. The stories were good, and I really like how intricately everything was tied together. It was almost hard to keep track of, but it all came together at the end. I really enjoyed the series.

Several months ago, I was reading about them online. I think it started with the wikipedia page, and there were plot synopses and I read through them all. Suddenly, I noticed it was talking about an 8th book that hadn’t been published yet, “Under A Velvet Cloak”. I eagerly anticipated the release of that book. It was due to come out in December 2007.

I think I added Under A Velvet Cloak to my wishlist at some point, but I also added the Dark Materials trilogy to my wishlist also. So for Christmas, I got two copies of the Dark Materials trilogy and 0 copies of Under A Velvet Cloak (Amazon wishlist apparently duplicates presents!) I ended up returning one to Amazon. I screwed myself because they didn’t have an option saying “Duplicate wishlist item” so I selected their option of “I just don’t want it.” Sooooo, because I selected *that* option, they didn’t refund the entire $ amount. They didn’t refund $3.99 for Prepaid Return Label. I sent them a letter complaining that it wasn’t *my* fault I had to return it, but that it was theirs because their wishlist item duplicated. Of course I was ignored. Whatever, it was $4. Not worth going crazy over. Because what I did was take the remaining balance and ordered myself Under A Velvet Cloak. There was some confusion when the package came and I told Clint that it was his present to me (because it was his present I had to return because I opened Britt’s at Christmas Eve the night before.)

So, anyway, I must say I enjoyed the book. But it was FILLED with sex! It wasn’t like the romance novel my mom gave me when I was a junior in high school that had some sex scenes in it.. This was about SEX! And LOTS of it. With LOTS of people! I liked it, but I was just surprised about it.

It was tied to the rest of the series, but it wasn’t as intricately entwined as the other books where. Which makes sense because it was about the 8th incarnation that had kept herself separate from the other 7 in the previous books of the series. But there were some twists that kept it in the story as a whole, and then it was tied up nicely in the end with the rest of the series.

It involves alternate timelines, and the creation of the universe as a whole (including the alternate timelines).

Anyway, if you read the Incarnations Of Immorality series, then I would recommend reading this book. And if you haven’t read the Incarnations Of Immortality, then I would highly recommend reading it. It starts with “On A Pale Horse” which is about the incarnation Death.

And some people may recall my “MILF Nature” halloween costume in 2004 – I was trying to be “Nature” from this series. 🙂