Here’s 2007 in a nutshell:

Lots of hanging out with friends

Surgery – Ryan visits, and Vicky made me chocolate chip cookie dough truffles.

Skiing – one day trip to Roundtop because I missed out on the Colorado trip.  Kipp, Shannon, Angel & Ian went on the trip.  We also ate dinner with Ian’s cousin.

Quit my job

Painted the house

Got a new job

Virginia Tech massacre


Misfit got hit by a car

Tried to adopt a new kitten from the crazy adoption agencies until I finally found an awesome 8-week old kitten from a family – Beavis.

Computer died – but I resurrected it

Cambridge, MD


“The Year Of The Breakups”  – thankfully not mine.

Lost my WII virginity

Lots of concerts – especially in the later part of the year (comprehensive list is at
Gene Ween – March
Celtic Frost/Type O Negative – July – Awesome seeing both of these!
MC Chris – October
Bad Religion – October
Danzig – October
Agent Orange – October
They Might Be Giants – November (Clint didn’t go – he saw Ween instead)
Gwar – December
Chemlab – December

Lots of Parties

Lots of TV shows (list to follow)
Not so many movies this year… (list to follow)