Peapod has really been screwing up lately. For awhile there, they were screwing up every single order of mine in some way shape or form. Out of the past 10 times (at LEAST), they got two orders completely right. I was amazed. Those were the orders that I had delivered at a different time than normal because I was home during the day.

Today’s screwup was really bad. They just made the cut-off of 9:30pm (the unattended window was 4-9:30). I brought in all my stuff, and I just had a feeling I was missing something. Turns out, the entire frozen foods section was missing. So there must have been a whole other box that just didn’t make it. So I called customer service. I was on hold for 15 minutes!!! I was able to fold my laundry, wash & refill Beavis’s water fountain, and just plain stare off into space for 15 damn minutes. It really bugs me when hold music gets cut off for the recording to say “We apologize for the delay. Our customer service representatives are still assisting other callers. Please hold the line and the next available representative will answer your call” Sometimes it’s a male-voiced recording, sometimes it’s a female-voiced recording, and sometimes the second recording would cut off the first recording. Argh, it was annoying.

Then they *finally* pick up. I say, “I am missing the entire frozen foods section.” And the guy put me on hold for ANOTHER 5 minutes. He was very very apologetic, but really. It sucked.

He said he had put me on hold to talk to the dispatcher who said that the driver had already returned, and didn’t have an extra box, so it must have been delivered to someone else. I bet they are happy to have received my parmesan garlic bread. The majority of the stuff was healthy choice meals.

Anyway, if I wasn’t sooooo lazy about going to the grocery store, I would have given up on Peapod long ago. It’s becoming increasingly less worth it to have to call them every single time because they always end up screwing something up.

Some past annoyances:

*Random things missing here and there.

*Not picking up the previous-order’s bins, so I end up with like 20 bins out front.

*Switching from plastic bins to cardboard bins. The plastic bins were way superior. The cardboard bins get all wet and icky (the plastic ones would get wet too, but you can stack them upside down to eliminate that), and the blow over easily. Also, I actually caught a raccoon lurking around my food. When I brought it inside, I discovered the raccoon had successfully gnawed on my bread. So I had to go a few weeks without sandwiches.

*Being extremely late. One time that it had to be rescheduled because they would have delivered my groceries at like 11pm. I think another time they were late, the order was really *HOT*. It was like it had been sitting out in the hot truck for hours. I couldn’t drink the milk, and I didn’t trust the chicken. It was not good.

*I can’t remember any more odd ones.

We were complaining so much, that one of the managers gave us his cell phone number. So a couple of times, when I had to call, I called him. He kept saying, “How’d you get this number? I can’t do anything, I’m in Chicago.” We were like “YOU gave us that number!” I called him when they actually delivered extra stuff (ice cream, bagels, an appe pie..), and he didn’t want to have anything to do with it. So I stopped calling him because he wasn’t helping with our issues.