The TMBG concert was a lot of fun. Vicky & Sean arrived at our house around 6:30. Kipp and Vicky had previously decided to get to Kipp’s new apartment at 7:15, and then we’d walk to the metro. So, when Vicky & Sean arrived at 6:30, Clint suggested I call the 9:30 club to find out when the band was coming on. So that’s how I found out TMBG were scheduled to go on at 11. 7:15 was going to be way too early! So Vicky called Kipp, and they decided on a new time of 8:30. So Vicky & Sean & I hung around my house listening to They Might Be Giants songs. We listened to most of Flood, and then I played her a few tracks from Lincoln, and then I played her some select tracks from the two new albums. Poor Sean was subjected to Sawyer singing. A little bit after 8, we got into the car to go pick up Kipp.

When we got to the 9:30 club, Vicky & Sean had to pick up their tickets at the Will Call, so Kipp & I went ahead and got into the back of the longest line I have ever seen! It went all the way down the street and around the corner! So while we were waiting, Kipp told me that he had looked at the ticket and that the doors didn’t even open until 8pm. So 7:15 was definitely way to early. 🙂

When we got to the club, it was about 9:15-9:30 or so. Sean & I got our drinks at the bar, but Kipp wanted Guiness Draft, which they only had at the downstairs bar. I had never been downstairs, or if I had, I didn’t remember going down there. They have a bar where you can buy cigars, but you can’t smoke them. Pretty funny. We hung around downstairs for awhile. Vicky looked at a menu, but didn’t want anything. We talked about tampons and yeast infections and all sorts of stuff like that. Kipp talked about his upcoming trip with Casey to Spain, and his past trip to Iceland with Julie.

Anyway, eventually we decided to head back upstairs. We fought our way into the crowd, but couldn’t get very close. I couldn’t see shit! It sucked. I could stand on my very tippy toes and sort of see, but if I was flat foot, I couldn’t even see between heads, because there were heads everywhere. It sucked some, but still ruled to hear TMBG live. Eventually, my bladder called out, and they were playing a song off of Apollo 18, so I decided to sneak off to the bathroom at that time. Kipp saw me go, and said he needed to go too and followed me. After the bathroom, I didn’t see Kipp, so I started plowing into the crowd. Kipp caught up to me, and I was leading the way back to Vicky. I didn’t see her, and suddenly I realized Kipp was no longer behind me. I looked, and he was waaay back there. Then I looked ahead and I was like, “Whoa!!! I’m at the second row!!!” So I looked at the girl next to me, and she was looking at me, and I looked at the guy on my other side, and he was looking at me, and I was like, “Oh, did I separate you?” and the guy nodded, so I switched places with him. Whoops. I think I was the annoying one at this concert.

Speaking of annoying, I was also annoying because I was singing along and dancing, and it didn’t seem like the people around me were dancing all that much. Vicky also mentioned that the energy level was really low in the audience. Oh well.

After the concert, Kipp & Vicky said Clint had been trying to reach us. So Kipp gave me his phone, but we went under a tunnel and it didn’t have signal. Eventually I was able to call Clint. He had actually missed part of ween’s 2 1/2 hour set. Whoops. His concert got out a lot earlier, and so he was already back from Baltimore.

Anyway, it was an awesome time!

Some tracks that I remember them playing:

I’m Impressed
The Cap’m
Withered Hope
The Mesopotamians
Turn Around
She’s Actual Size??
Birdhouse In Your Soul
Particle Man
Whistling In The Dark
Purple Toupee

Oh yeah, I also bought a shirt and a bumper sticker. And it was the first time I have ever checked my coat at the 9:30 club. That worked well. I stuck my shirt inside Vicky’s hat, which then got stuffed into the inside pocket of my jacket. When I got back to the group, I was like “Where’s my shirt!?” and Sean said “I think you put it in your coat.” Duh. 🙂 Sean did a good job protecting the bumper sticker for me. Thanks, Sean!