I was minding my own business sitting at my computer upstairs when Clint suddenly laughed at something Beavis did. Apparently, Clint started to exclaim something, and Beavis jumped a foot. So while laughing at Clint’s story, I happen to glance down at Beavis who was crouched down on the floor behind me. Suddenly, my laughter was cut short, and turned into an exclamation. “What the hell Beavis, what are you doing with *that*?!?” “That” was the filter to his water fountain.

So, I take the somewhat shredded filter back downstairs to where the fountain is in the utility room. I discovered the lid to the fountain was discarded, and of course the filter was missing. I also found out the fountain wasn’t working. Confused, I checked the switch, and then followed the plug to where it plugs into the ac/dc cord, and then I discovered the ac/dc plug was not plugged into the outlet. OK, no problem, I went to plug it in and found out the ac/dc plug was already plugged in.

Here’s what happened: A few weeks ago, the fountain’s motor had broken. After Beavis kept sticking his foot into where the water was supposed to come out and looking all pathetic when there wasn’t any water there, I realized I needed to order a new motor. Well, the new thing came with a whole new ac/dc plug, and since I’m such a slob, I didn’t throw away the old plug. So, there it was, sitting right there next to the outlet, not plugged in. This morning in my rush, I had replaced the water, and plugged the filter into the wrong ac/dc plug. So the fountain wasn’t working again, and I guess Beavis decided to show me what he thinks about that development.

Needless to say, he now has a new filter installed, the fountain has been cleaned, and it is definitely plugged in and working now.