Stacy & Louise had a nice wedding yesterday. It was a Catholic ceremony, so the ceremony was long, but it was nice. I whispered to Sean, “Is Stacy’s baby here?” and Sean nodded. So I’m looking all around, but the only baby I could see was right in front of us (with a snotty that was too close to Clint for comfort. :)) Sean informed me that was the wrong baby, and that Addie was being held by Stacy’s dad. Oh yeah, now I see her.

Vicky was the only one in the wedding party that had had her hair done. Turns out Sean was the one who suggested it, and she thought that everyone else would too. Jenn said they didn’t really have time, and didn’t think it was that important, which it wasn’t, I just thought it was interesting. Vicky’s hair did look nice, though.

I usually have a certain dress that I wear to weddings. If it’s a summer wedding, I have a blue suit-like dress that I wear. If it’s a winter wedding, I have a dress that Clint’s mom had given me (and that I had worn to my own wedding.) So for Stacy’s wedding, I made a decision. If it’s less than 50 degrees outside, I’ll wear the winter dress. But at the morning of the wedding, I was hesitant to wear it. “It’s such a dark blue. I’ve gained weight since then, do I look fat?” So I decided to get the other dress. When I went to my closet, I found a purple dress. “I don’t remember this dress. When did I get it? Where did I get it from?” I tried it on, and it looked fine. So my dress decision was made. When I got to the wedding, the mystery was solved. Vicky exclaimed, “Wow! You’re wearing Sean’s mom’s dress!!!”

When we were driving to the church, we got a little confused when we didn’t see a church on Duke St. Suddenly I saw a sign for St. Mary’s Church, and so we found the parking lot. That was when Vicky returned my call, and she told me they were out front at the church. So I said we were in the back at the parking lot. As we were walking, a bus pulled up and the driver asked us if we were going to the wedding. That was very strange. I said “Yeah” And then the driver asked where the church was. We were like “We’re trying to figure that out ourselves.” We discovered that 310 Duke Street was the rectory of the church. We had to turn onto another street and that was where the church was.

After the wedding, these two people are like, “You don’t know us, but can we get a ride to the reception with you? We know you drove here because we saw you on the way up.” And I said, “Oh, were you in that bus?” They were Dave & Rachel, and they were nice. Turns out we were at the same table as them at the reception, so we got to get to know them a bit. They were from Boston. I had to warn them about our messy car, and we had to transfer our SubGenius clothes to the trunk.

At the reception, us & Casey were the first ones there. We hung around a bit. The staff told us that the cocktails were supposed to be outside on the patio, but that they realized it was cold, so they had a plan B set up if it got too cold. So for the first drink or two, you had to go outside into the cold. Eventually they moved the bar inside to the Plan B area.

The hors d’ourves were slow to come out. They brought out one plate of shrimp that were delicious. Then a little while later, a plate of crab cakes came around. Also delicious. A bit later, a plate of raspberry & brie pastries came around. Then we were like “Ok, we’re ready for the shrimp again.” For awhile, we were vulturing around the door to the kitchen, and for like 20 minutes nobody came out with any food. Eventually we bummed a cigarette from Sean, and it appears we missed it when they finally came out. But apparently they didn’t have enough on each plate, so they targeted the bridal party first. I got one more crab cake, and that was it for the hor d’ourves. We were starving. Clint & Dave both devoured their salads while the announcements were going on.

Oh yeah, speaking of announcements, the staff told everyone to take their seats because they couldn’t make the announcement until everyone was seated. Suddenly, there was Stacy, so I congratulated him, and then the staff said, “You’re taking your seat, right?” Clint & I hurried to our seats. Oops. ๐Ÿ™‚

When the food came around, and the waitress asked if Clint wanted cornish hen or salmon, he asked if he could have both, and was told yes. So everyone at the table except for Rachel & Casey had both. Delicious!!! I had some asparagus, and zucchini. The only thing I didn’t like was the potatoes because they were crunchier than I prefered. They tasted undercooked to me. Everything else got devoured, except I did give some of the hen to Clint because I couldn’t finish it. I ended up having both kinds of cake too. And the coffee bar had like desserty stuff to add to your coffee – I put some chocolate shavings into mine.

I held Addie at the reception. Kipp passed her over to me, and she vibrated. I got rid of her pretty quick, and felt dirty. Nothing against Addie, I’m just not a baby person. I don’t know what was up with the vibrating, but Kipp said she probably farted. That was enough for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

I ended up doing some dancing. Vicky roped me in at some point, and suddenly the professional photographer was there. Great. Forever memorialized. ๐Ÿ™‚ Later, we did the hokie pokie. I hid behind the camera, even though everyone was motioning me to join the other side. I told them I’m just completing the circle. I think the video camera caught me.

After the hokie pokie, Clint & I had to rush out to make it to Baltimore for the Subgenius Devival. For information on what that is, Clint blogged about it here. We almost got lost in Baltimore, because we were supposed to get off at an exit, and it wasn’t marked very well. Suddenly I was like “That’s the exit we’re supposed to be on.” We got off at the next one, and turned around and got back on track. The devival was at an old church. So, we were in two churches in one day. And not only that, they had a sort of mock wedding ceremony, so we saw two weddings in one day.

The devival itself was pretty cool. There were some live bands, and some preachers. Suzy The Floozy walked around passing out candy – a gummy hamburger (that you should EAT THE HELL OUT OF), then later, it was chocolate body parts (I had an ear, and Clint had an eyeball.), and after that, it was like skeleton bone lollypops (mine was an arm, and Clint’s was a leg). Those were annoying because the wrapper was hard to open, and then once you finally got it open, there was ANOTHER EVEN MORE EVIL wrapper around the actual candy. Clint’s was impossible to get off, and I think he finally gave up and kinda sucked the lollypop through the bits of wrapper that he couldn’t get off.

The last band was called The Amino Acids. It was pretty fun. They had plastic masks on, and was wearing pantyhose on their heads over that. Very weird indeed. They played some pretty heavy music, and there was some mosh-like dancing going on.

They were giving away these alien parachute dudes. So every so often, someone would throw one of those around. Also plastic airplanes and bouncy balls were tossed around.

We looked at the merchandise, but weren’t inspired to buy anything. Clint didn’t really like the bumper stickers they had.

At the end, some dude tried to convince me to become a member. Clint’s already a member, but I’m not. I was almost suckered into it, but Clint said it’d probably be better to get it online because when you become a member, they’re supposed to give you stuff, and he didn’t think I’d get all the stuff if I signed up in person. So, now I can probably slack off for another 10 years on buying a membership. I guess I should buy one eventually, though.