One day, I was in the utility room looking for Beavis. I was calling his name, and I heard some scuffling around in the corner. So I went to the corner, and bent down under the desk while still calling his name. Then I started hearing that the scuffling was coming from above me in the ceiling. So I kinda look up, and suddenly there’s Beavis’ head peaking out of a hole that I had no idea was there! It was totally reminiscent of “ceiling cat”.

He also likes to hang out under lamps that are on. I decided they must be warm.

He keeps doing miscellaneous cute things, and Clint says I should blog about them, but I am too lazy, and then I forget what it was.

We had to buy a scat-mat because he likes to go behind the tvs. He was shocked once within 20 minutes of us setting it up, and hasn’t been back there since. Poor kitty!

Anyway, he’s not as cuddly as Misfit, but he’s an awesome kitty! He usually sleeps with me, but instead of being on my chest or between my legs, he’ll be on the other side or the foot of the bed. Or sometimes he’ll be on the pillow next to me (where Clint’s head is supposed to be.) Other times, he’s not even in the bed, he’ll be up on the headboard behind the curtain (Misfit liked to sleep there too, and there was a perma-Misfit indentation.)

Beavis is also smaller than my other cats. I didn’t realize how huge Misfit was until I look back at pictures. So it’s possible that Beavis is the same size they were, but he just appears smaller to me. Plus, he’s a kitten, duh! πŸ™‚ Right now, he’s about 4 lbs.

For awhile, he wasn’t as vocal as either Samhain or Misfit, but lately he’s started to meow a lot more. He still has his cute higher-pitched kitten meow. As far as I can tell, at least. πŸ™‚

Part of the move towards house 2.0, I got some curtains for the windows. Beavis likes to go behind the curtain and sit in the windowsill.

I still am very hesitant to let Beavis outside. I’ve started letting him go out, but only during the day, only when we are home, and only out the back door. Unfortunately, Beavis knows what a door is and tries very hard (sometimes successfully) to escape when we are leaving. I don’t know if I have the heart to continue to prevent him from escaping (or catching him when he does escape.) We had a close call before Stacy’s wedding. Beavis escaped and I had visions of chasing him everywhere and being late to the wedding. Luckily, there was another cat hanging around in our driveway, and Beavis stopped in his tracks to check out the cat so I was able to sneak up on him and grab him. (whew). Close call.