This morning, I finished the painting the walls downstairs purple!!!!!! NO MORE WALLS!!!!!!!! I started them on September 26th, and finished it today. Whoo-hoo!

Things that are left (ugh):

Primer (shellac) the counter top of the desk. Paint the first & second coats on the countertop.

Primer, first coat, and second coat in hallway

Painter’s Tape, primer, first coat, second coat in portal

Painter’s Tape, primer, first coat, second coat on door

Basically, all that’s left is the finishing touches. Clint’s building his computer, our TV is to be delivered on Monday, we’ll be shopping for stereos next weekend…. Good things are happening. After that, it’ll be a matter of moving the “wall of couch” from the living room into the “game room.”

The next BIG project is the flooring downstairs. It was really *really* convenient *not* to have to worry about getting paint on the floor. It was like, “Ooops! Oh well!” Nice feeling. So, the flooring is the major project coming up. After that, the next major thing is somehow, someway, getting the pool table from upstairs to downstairs. Also, at some point, I need to buy a bar for downstairs.

In other news, I have a job offer to start November 12th. My time off is running out (but at least I still have a little over a month to get these things wrapped up.)

Oh, one last thing I was considering painting – the door upstairs that had crayon drawings on it since we moved in. I discovered the wonders of goo gone and removed most of them. There’s still one remaining piece of artwork – something that looks like a hand flipping the bird, with a penis for the middle finger. I think my brother drew something similar when he was a little boy. 🙂