Having a blacklight in the kitchen is sort of interesting sometimes. It’s funny what weird foods glow in the blacklight (mustard). Today, I discovered something else that glows.

I was making a casserole, and I needed to crack three eggs into a mixing bowl. The first two were fine and normal. The third, however, was BRIGHT GREEN AND GLOWING SO MUCH IN THE BLACKLIGHT!! Never had that happen before. I wondered if it was rotten. I sniffed it tentatively, and it may have smelled a little off, but nothing overwhelming. Needless to say, all three eggs went into the garbage disposal, and I even got a new mixing bowl. I don’t know what the deal was, but never in my life has any egg previously glowed in the blacklight like that.

I’m sort of glad, because it didn’t smell, and if it wasn’t for the blacklight letting me know something wasn’t right, me & Clint could have eaten that toxic egg!!!!

Makes me nauseous just thinking about it.