After we came back from the shelter empty-handed yesterday, I had a message from Casey. She & Kipp saw an ad for some kittens at the library. So today, I called the number, and trekked on out to Manassas, VA to meet the kittens. I paused at my mom’s house because she begged me to take her with me, and I figured I felt safer with someone with me going to this strange house. They had three kittens left–two males and one female. My first impression was I wanted the gray male because the other two were gray tabbies just like Misfit. But after spending some time with the kittens, I realized the gray male tabby was just slightly more outgoing than the gray male. The female one was wild. My mom was trying to fall in love with her, but she didn’t want to sit still while my mom held her. So my decision was made.

Turns out, the kitten’s birthday was July 19th. They were actually raised outside for the majority of the time.

They also had two orange tabbies that were just born two days ago. So cute!

Anyway, a big THANKS to Casey & Kipp who forwarded the information to me so that I can get a kitten the way I wanted to get a kitten!! And he’s the right age too — this is apparently the beginning of his 8th week. But I think it’s close enough.

Pictures are on my flickr.