I have finally decided the time is right to adopt a new kitten. Should be easy, right? Wrong!

We actually had a kitten from Dave that was a sweet kitten, but he was not going to fit into our home. All he had to do was be accepted by Clint, and he managed to screw that up big time. 🙂 He decided he hated Clint. So we had to give him back to Dave & Lacey. If anyone wants a really sweet but shy kitten, talk to Dave.

I also looked at some adoption agencies. Well, turns out, not only do they require the kitten to be indoors only, but they have all sorts of crazy rules, such as they want to call your vet to make sure your previous animals were up-to-date on their shots, they want to do a home inspection, and they want you to adopt two kittens. You can only get a single kitten if you already have a cat or kitten, or if you get a kitten that is older than 10 months.

One of them had an adoption freeze on cats and kittens due to a virus. D’oh.
I tried calling my vet, Shannon & Christian’s vet, and 2 other random vets and asking if they knew anyone with a litter of kittens to give away. All they did was refer me to the adoption agencies.

I emailed a couple of people from Craigslist. Only one wrote back, asking me some questions like “Do I currently have pets? Have I ever had a cat before? Do I want 1 or 2?” and I responded. I got a response back that was just “My friend has these cats available to be adopted individually” And it was links to older cats!!! argh!!!

If anyone comes across any kittens, Clint & I would be interested in meeting it to see if it’s a good fit. I want a male, 8-10weeks old, short hair. In order to get along with Clint, he will need to be pretty laid-back.