So, the addition is relatively finished. The staining is done. The upstairs flooring is done. The next major project we are going to undertake is painting the upstairs room. My mom & Clint’s mom are going to help me with that next week. Then comes moving in upstairs. We’re talking about buying all new components to make that possible/easier. So the main thing that would be holding us back is getting the pool table from upstairs to downstairs. And researching for a stereo/tv/computer/etc. Once we are moved in upstairs, we will start concentrating on all the projects to be completed downstairs – flooring, painting, installing bar, moving in, getting pool table in there, etc.

I decided to resign from my job and take a little while off and finish up some of the house work. I did it because I wanted to get another job, and I kept having excuses not to. Finally I realized my excuses ran out. I really was ready to get another job. So, rather than stressing myself out over work, and stressing about finding a job, and stressing about missing time at my job, then coming home and stressing about house stuff, I decided to go ahead and resign so I can concentrate on the job search and the house stuff without having to worry.

These past few weeks have been pretty productive. I ended up having to spackle and spot paint the areas around the bookshelf and closet where I pulled the painter’s tape off. So that was what I worked on the week and 1/2 between finally resigning and my vacation.

Since getting back from Bethany, I’ve been focusing on choosing a color for the upstairs. Other projects I was working on: killing the kudzu in the back and side yards, cutting up that huge-ass tarp that we discovered was useless and has been in our yard for like 2 years, unpacking from Bethany & Assateague and organizing the camping gear in the living room (there’s going to be at least one more trip coming up!!), and vacuuming the upstairs and downstairs.

It started out as me deciding to vacuum the hallway upstairs because when we caught the second raccoon, some insulation had gotten all over the place. On the way up, I, of course, had to vacuum the stairs. Then I vacuumed the living room a bit, and then the hallway. Then I went into the game room, and vaccuumed all the dust bunnies. Then I was looking at the coating of dust that covered the entire room, including the pool table. I decided to vacuum the pool table. It worked out well! No more crazy dust from construction or whatever. I had the idea that they should have like a feather-duster attachment for the vacuum cleaner, because a feather-duster is good at lifting the dust, and the vacuum is good at sucking it away to oblivion.

This week, Clint’s computer died, so that has opened up a whole new project. Sorting the computer cables. We had all our cables sorted into these huge bags in a box in our crawlspace. However, over the years, the organization had become this huge mass of stuff that was hard to sift through to find what you were looking for. It started out because I needed to find a rare RCA cable for Clint. I couldn’t even find the bag with the RCA cables because it was so crazy in there. After following Clint’s suggesting of taking bags out of the crawlspace, I finally found it. But the bags were all taken out of the crawlspace. Great opportunity!! I have reorganized the cables, and I will be doing away with the boxes and just sticking with bags. It was a 2-day task. It’s still not completely done. I did bring the vacuum cleaner out again, though. It sure was dusty EVERYWHERE.

With the dismantling of Storm, we decided we may as well also dismantle Fire. So I took a break from going through wires to take apart all the components in Fire. Mist is going to score big: a new network card, some additional memory, and a backup cpu if mine ever breaks.

With all these projects being knocked out, it just gets me thinking of how relieving it will be to actually have usable space again! I’m looking forward to the possibilities. I’m not looking forward to all the work to get there.

Meanwhile, my time-off isn’t going to be as long as I expected, because I need to get a job sooner rather than later.