So, I have an mp3 player that is awesome in every way, except for some reason, the battery does not last more than 2 hours. Over vacation, Clint told me the battery is supposed to have a 14-hour lifespan. So, now comes the time to try and get it fixed.

I started at Cowon, who told me that the battery will cost $35-55 to fix because it was only under a 1-year warranty. The mp3 player was bought in July of 2006.

I told Clint this information, and Clint let me know that he had purchased a 2-year extended warranty with NewEgg when he bought it. Good job!

I went to the NewEgg website, but couldn’t find where to claim the RMA for this 2-year warranty. So I called customer service. They told me that the warranty plan is with Service Net, and gave me the number for Service Net’s customer service.

I called Service Net who told me that batteries are not covered under the 2-year warranty plan, because “they are something that normally wears out over the life of the product.” They transfered me to JetAudio’s customer service to see about getting a battery replacement, because it is only just over a year.

JetAudio had no record of the order or anything and told me to go to my credit card statement to get a phone number that I can call. WTF??? I lost my temper a bit and told him that that would not help me because I already talked to NewEgg, who sent me to Service Net who sent me to him. He asked if I wanted to speak with a supervisor. Yes.

So the supervisor gets on the phone, and tells me my order was placed with a different department, Element 5, and gave me a phone number for them. Element 5 sounds like something like Room 101. What the hell kind of name is that for a department???

Anyway, I don’t really particularly feel like calling yet another department and getting the runaround that I know I will get. Bah!

File this under CRAPPY customer service.

I wish Clint would have reminded me about the 14-hour battery life when we drove to Cambridge in the beginning of July, instead of to Assateague in the beginning of August. Then it would have been within the year, and I would have had no problem getting a replacement from Cowon. Lame!!!! (For the record, Clint was the one who researched and bought the mp3 player, which is why I did not know it was boasting a 14-hour battery life. I would have returned it long ago if I had realized!)