The other day, Clint’s parents came over to help us set up a cabinet in the bathroom. Since the cabinet was in the attic, we checked the raccoon trap. The trap was set off, the food was gone, but there was no animal. D’oh.

While the parents were setting up the cabinet, I happened to glance out the window, and exclaimed, “Someone dug up Misfit!!!!!” Something had pushed the rocks marking his grave over, and dug a hole where our poor kitty was resting. I had to go back out and rebury him. We made some “zombie cat has risen from the dead” jokes.

Last night, or rather, this morning at 5:15am, I was in the bed, and I was having a very surreal dream about Miller’s. Suddenly, I awoke with a start. I heard some sounds of animal upstairs. I was like, “The raccoon is up there!” So while I was laying there, the sounds started changing. Instead of sounding like an animal scurrying around, it sounded like an animal kinda dragging itself around. It was going back and forth right over my head. I was like “What the hell is wrong with it?” and made some “Zombie-cat is coming to get me” jokes to myself. Eventually, the sounds stopped going back and forth and were just in one place — near where we set up the trap. So I listened for awhile, but I didn’t hear any rattling of the cage, just animal noises. I finally fell back asleep around 6:15am.

When Clint woke me up, the first thing I said was we had to check the trap, so I asked him to open the attic for me. He left the room and went on his way. I lounged around in bed for a minute or so before finally getting up and getting dressed and getting my shoes on. I went up to the attic, pointed the flashlight at the trap, said, “Awww” because we had a raccoon. Clint had to go up into the attic with his work clothes to get the raccoon out because I was afraid he’d escape from the trap again.

The raccoon is outside waiting to be set free tonight when Clint gets home from work. Poor thing.