Guess what everyone!!  The staining and sealing is done!!!!  Except for a third coat on the trim around the spiral stairs upstairs (which is barely worth pulling out all the equipment for, but we agree that it’s a good idea to have a third coat on that high-traffic area).

Today, I got to move Clint’s clothes into his closet.  I have my closet back!!!!!  It felt nice spreading out my clothes.

I also started removing the painters tape.  That stuff is EVIL!!!!  It has stain and polyurethane sealant on it, and so it’s hard to pull off.  Plus, it pulls the paint off with it.  So that sucks a lot.   I felt bad for what I did to the ceiling and walls, so I stopped.  When Clint came home, he tried one, and left a mark way worse than any I had done, so I felt slightly less bad.

It’s very strange how our first attempts (inside the closet and inside the cabinet of the bookshelf) are much browner than our later attempts.  The bookshelf and closet and enclosure wall are actually pretty damn close to the color of the original wood.  Yay!!!  Pictures will soon follow.  We aren’t sure why they are different, but with the inside of the closet, we didn’t sand in as much detail as with everything else, so maybe that had something to do with it?  I don’t know.