I can’t believe it has been two months since Misfit passed away.  At first, it was really hard to adjust to not having a cat.  At first, I slept on the couch because it depressed me to go to the bedroom knowing a little furry animal wasn’t going to join me.  I would see that perma-Misfit shape in the curtain above the bed and would get sad to think he wasn’t hiding back there.  Now, I barely think about it.  Last night, when I went to the bedroom, I started to close the door because I knew I was going to be sleeping in, and I didn’t want Clint to wake me up with his morning ritual.  As I closed it, I thought, “Oh, I don’t have to worry about locking Misfit out.”  Then I realized that was the first time I thought something along those lines in awhile.

Meanwhile, our staining still isn’t finished, but it is very close.  My mom called me today to tell me about a kitten at her vet’s that is looking for a home.  I do want a kitten still, but I don’t know.  I wanted a male cat, and this one is female.  I definitely want to meet the kitty before committing to it.  And I don’t know.  Samhain was definitely unplanned.  We walked out of Wal-mart the day before Father’s Day.  I didn’t find a gift for my dad, but there was this family with their kittens to give away.  That was a great idea on their part, because I fell in love with Samhain and took him home.  Well, there’s more to that story, but I can go on and on. 🙂  Misfit also was pretty unplanned.  This woman had just started working at Miller’s and mentioned she had kittens that needed a home.  I said, “I have a husband and a cat at home that would both kill me if I show up with a kitten.”  Then not long after that, Samhain died, and the lady said, “I have a kitten for you!”  So not more than a week later, I had Misfit.  So, life without a cat has been different, and I’ve been waiting for one to show up practically on my doorstep so we can fall in love with it and keep it.

Maybe after Assateague, we’ll be able to go seek out a new member of our family.  I’m sure the staining would be done by then (IHOPE!)!!