So, apparently, I am very susceptible to bug bites. I went outside for 2 minutes to clean out my cooler in preparation for my trip to Cambridge, MD. I come back inside to discover in that time, I received 4 bug bites. I don’t understand how this can happen. I don’t recall getting bug bites like this when I was a kid. Are bugs more aggressive nowadays? Is it just the area I’m living in now? Do adults taste better than kids?

Back in 2003 when we first went to Cambridge, MD for the Fourth Of July, I got eaten alive. I still had bug-bites on my legs over a month later when we went to Broadkill Beach and Bethany Beach. You can sort of see them in this picture. Broadkill Beach

The redness from the bites sometimes won’t fade until like November. It’s crazy. I don’t know what I can do to get rid of them faster, or better yet, make it so the bugs don’t bite me in the first place.

Well, I guess I need to use more deet. Lame.